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salary problems in Turkey

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Joined: 29 Jun 2012
Posts: 179
Location: China

PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2012 2:49 am    Post subject: salary problems in Turkey Reply with quote

It seems that there are lots of questions at this forum about what universities, language schools and private high schools promise you as far as salary, housing etc. and what they actually deliver. I taught/ wrote/ managed for 13 years in Turkey, and the following is what I encountered.
One year at Gaziantep University (1998)- I was paid $1000 in US dollars a month, always on time and given a free apartment (I lived alone in a "furnished" new 3-bedroom apartment). I paid the utilities. The school paid for my flight to Gaziantep. The school got me a work visa which was not an easy thing to do. My contract was for one-year, but when June came around, I was told they wanted a new teacher, and I would not be paid for the summer. The "furnishings" in the flat consisted of old office furniture, a school refrigerator, the old TV from the principal's office etc. I had no washing machine, microwave etc.
Two years at Bahcesehir University- I was paid $1250/month in TL. The first month was the starting point, and that is what I was paid in the following months. Thus, due to the devaluation of the lira, I was receiving about $650 by the end of the second semester. I lived alone in a beautiful furnished flat, all utilities paid. I was paid on time, and for the summer months. My work visa expired, and they tried to get me another, but with no success. So, I had to do the tourist visa trip every three months. At the end of the second year, many of the teachers were unhappy with the situation there, so I left.
Two years at Yildizlar Koleji- I was paid $1000/month in US dollars. I was paid half at the beginning of the month, and then the rest when they got the money. I had my own flat, so I received nothing from the school for accomodation. I was supposed to be paid $1100/month for my second year, but they decided (without notifying me) to not give me the raise. They made no effort to get me a residency or a work visa. The Head of the English Dept. lied to me constantly, and after 2 years, I left.
One year at a now bankrupt language school (I forgot its name)- I was paid $1000/month in lira. I was never paid on time. They did nothing as far as a visa was concerned. The apartment was awful- the front door could not be locked, the ceiling leaked horribly, and there was a huge hole in the kitchen wall where you could literally see outside. They eventually moved me into a better place, but with 2 drunks for roommates. We had to pay the utilities; however, the money we gave to the school for electricity, water etc. was used for other purposes, so the utilities were not paid, and the elec and water were constantly being turned off.
English Time- I worked there for almost 8 years, and was considered a member of their "family." I started out at 2000TL/month and finished at 3200/TL month. I was always paid on time. There was never a question about my pay. I received a nice bonus at the end of my contract, always on time. They always got me a residency visa, but were never able to get a work visa for some reason. They didn't pay for my accomodation, but were very helpful in finding me suitable places to live. All in all, because I was salaried, worked in an office and wasn't exposed to all the teaching-related problems they had, working for them was a pleasant experience and one that I miss.
With any school in Turkey, what you are promised is probably not what you will receive.
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Eagle Eyes

Joined: 26 Apr 2012
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2012 6:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

You are right in what you say...seeing is believing in Turkey when it comes to salarries. Personally speaking I am very happy with my work at a Turkish university in Istanbul and my excellent salary package. I am earning more here than I did in Canada and my lifesyle is great! On top this I receive free furnished family accomodation, free medical and air tickets. Smile
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