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Surabaya questions???
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Madame J

Joined: 15 Feb 2007
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Location: Oxford, United Kingdom

PostPosted: Thu May 24, 2012 11:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yeah, I used to live there. Only for a year, that was enough. I enjoyed it for the first six months or so, then realised that if I went to THAT same coffee shop one more time I'd scream. The city does have some charming parts but alas, not nearly enough to sustain my interest for a year.

I dunno. I'm quite fussy when it comes to nightlife/entertainment. I knew expats who enjoyed Surabaya and stayed for years, single ones too. If your idea of a good time revolves around drinking cheap beer, having your ego routinely massaged by bar staff and singing along to the same chart songs every weekend you might enjoy it.

On that note, as far as an expat scene goes it was pretty dismal on that front when I was there. Lots of foreigners, yet they all tend to stick to their own companies. Jakarta seems to have lots of clubs catered to expats, Surabaya had none last time I looked. Or at least, none that were active. Who knows, it might have changed since. Try the Living in Indonesia Expat Forum, they probably know more.

Really though, two weeks' holiday? Run like the wind!
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Joined: 13 Mar 2009
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Location: ...Ah Mrs K peel me a grape!!!....and have one yourself!!!!

PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2012 7:52 am    Post subject: Better deals Reply with quote

KELT = 8 weeks plus locals
IALF = 6 weeks plus locals
TBI = 6 weeks ????
EF= 5 weeks ?????
Lived there between 98 and the beginning of 04 and had a good time made some friends too. My criteria for a good time was pretty low and I was easily pleased. The city is chaotic but strangely manageable once you know it. I bought a bicycle and battled it out with the Bemos and carried my booze in the little basket at the front. You get to know the shortcuts pretty quick.

Malang was an old Dutch Hill station in the mountains and far from beaches but worth a weekend
Bali and Bromo are easily accessible

If, you are young then nightlife, apart from Colours and a few other places, was limited. I remember my first trip down Kertajaya in a darkened Kijang and marveled at all the flashing neon and the excitement they promised but they all turned out to be opticians and there was not one bar in sight

Better to save your money and really enjoy your holidays traveling rather than look for it every week.............. and of course life is what you make it............most expats have no problems acquiring a girl/boyfriend.

Hip Hip Hooray
It's dear old Mr K
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Joined: 06 Jan 2012
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 14, 2012 10:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Surabaya is boring. There is nightlife, but its all very similar and pretty tacky and spread out all over the place. There's no nightlife district. The cost of alcohol is another problem. The cheapest beer is $3, and they're $2.50 in the shops. And there aren't many places that are that cheap and they tend to be dull chain restaurants in shopping malls. After that your looking at $4 to $8 for a small one. Spirits $10 a go. $75 for a bottle in the shops, $100+ in the bars. Wine is the same. Also everything closes down for a month at ramadan, its even difficult buying beer in the shops, and if you're thinking of getting away during that time travel prices are sky high.

During the day, there's shopping malls and that's pretty much it.

On the plus side Indonesians are very nice people, and they like foreigners.
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