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Rio-Is it really as dangerous as everyone says?

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Joined: 15 Jul 2009
Posts: 5

PostPosted: Thu Jul 16, 2009 10:02 pm    Post subject: Rio-Is it really as dangerous as everyone says? Reply with quote


My name is Leah. I am planning on traveling to Brazil in the next six months to get a certification. Currently I am trying to decide between getting my CELTA and doing Bridge Tefl's IDELT program.

First of all, I'm wondering if anyone has ever gotten their IDELT or if you know anyone that went through the program. When I spoke to Bridge TEFL on the phone, they assured me that the IDELT is extremely similar to the CELTA and is accepted worldwide, but that it is a much newer program so it may not receive as much prestige. I studied the curriculum and it seems similar to the CELTA in the amount of time spent in the classroom and number of hours of teaching practice. Bridge Tefl also guarantees you a job upon completing the program and provides you with lifelong job placement assistance. But after reading about some of the schools and the wages that they pay, this may not be such a good deal after all.

Bridge's IDELT course also takes place in Rio. I have visited the city before as a tourist and then later returned to Brazil as an exchange student in Salvador, Bahia. I had several instances where I was targeted for pick-pocketing, etc. because I was female, blonde, and American, but for the most part I felt pretty safe in Salvador. I have heard from Brazilian friends that Rio is pretty dangerous right now. Many have even gone as far as discouraging me from getting certified there and recommend that I go to Sao Paulo instead. I was just wondering if anyone living in Rio could weigh in on this issue. How dangerous is Rio really? Should I avoid it as a young, American female? Does this increase my likelihood of being a target? I love the city and I would love to study there so any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Joined: 19 Jun 2009
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 17, 2009 10:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

hey hey alrite?

just saw this on the random, and thought id help out...

I actually live in rio at the moment. Also and this is the big thing, I did my TEFL certificate with Bridge TEFL and they were pretty good.

Dont know if the IDELT thing is the same, but it seemed to cover most the bases, and provided a good foundation for teaching, also the certifcate is accredited by ACCET which they told me was the american equivalent of trinity.

Honestly not sure about the lifelong job assistance and the job guarantee as i didnt get that.

Honestly as well the whole job market here pays pretty poorly for a new teacher. (around 26r an hour... about 13 dollars). Though rio is cheap, i havent broke even since I came here.

If you are very self motivated and ready to work hard for little cash then you can definetly make it here.

As for the city being dangerous, i cant say in regards to the past. But yes there are definetly dangers here, Nearly everyone ive met has been mugged sometimes with weapons, (guns, knives.) I myself havent seen a weapon yet but i've been robbed unfortunately a couple of times, (both with violence and without).

I think as with anywhere being young blonde and female makes you a higher risk but still in rio there are lots and lots and lots and lots of beautiful people. I think in regards to being targeted the main thing is being white and being foreign (tourist - read anyone can look brazillian).

I think the overall, if rios where your heart is then dont let it put you off coming here. Just be a little careful and you should be fine

Hope that helps Very Happy
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Joined: 15 Jul 2009
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 19, 2009 7:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey Alex,

Thanks so much for your response. When I lived in Salvador it was much of the same thing. Most people I know were robbed. I guess it just kind of comes with the territory. But I feel like I could camouflage a bit better in Rio because I wouldn't stick as obviously as I did in Salvador.

So Rio is less expensive than say, Sao Paulo, for example? After you finished your TEFL was it easy to find work? Are you teaching with a school or on your own with private students?

Thanks in advance!
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Joined: 22 Jul 2009
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2009 2:53 pm    Post subject: I~m an american in rio now too Reply with quote

Hi I saw your post and thought I~d reply. I agree with the above post.
It~s more a problem being a tourist than being a female, because most of the crime against tourists here is being robbed. Actually that~s a common crime against anyone in Rio.

I lived in Salvador as an exchange student for 4 months, then in Rio for 6 months, now I~m back in Rio to stay as long as I can. I~m also an American, and female.

It~s dangerous here but not so bad you shouldn~t come. Many people in Salvador tried to discourage me from coming here too. I met people from Sao Paulo who also tried to discourage me from coming here. Luckily, I did not listen because I really love it here. You do have to be careful though, and hearing all the many stories people have of getting robbed does make me nervous too.

I just got here last week so I haven~t started teaching yet, so I don~t have any information about that yet.

Good luck,
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Joined: 15 Jul 2009
Posts: 5

PostPosted: Wed Aug 12, 2009 8:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Thanks so much for you reply! I am still trying to decide between Rio and Sao Paulo but I'm actually leaning towards SP because I know more people in the area and hopefully they can hook me up with some contacts and such.

Keep me posted on how the teaching goes!

Funny, I also live in Salvador for 4 months and then I had the option of going to Rio for 6 months. Did you go with some sort of exchange program?

Thanks again! Very Happy

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