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Packing up and Moving to the USA or Canada
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Tiger Beer

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 25, 2011 2:18 am    Post subject: Re: Packing up and Moving to the USA or Canada Reply with quote

Irishdave wrote:
Is it worth my time and effort forking out the money in order to do so?

Or would I be better shipping myself off to Eastern Europe were the course is cheaper and closer to home?

My head has been completely melted by all of this! Rolling Eyes

I'm an American and chose to do the Eastern Europe route - this was nearly 15 years ago, for a tesol certificate.

At that time, 1997, it was US$2,500 to do in San Francisco or US$800 in Budapest. I took the Budapest route. Renting was significantly cheaper as well - around $150 for a month in Budapest for my own place, whereas in San Francisco, the sky is the limit, and probably a roommate share situation starting at $600 for a month.

On top of that, you are so busy during those four weeks, that you have absolutely no time to do the tourist things, to soak up local culture, or do anything else.

In short, I'd say do the course in Eastern Europe, and travel to the US/Canada for a few weeks afterwards with the large amount of money you'd save Cool

Also, since you have Irish blood, you will be loved in many parts of the U.S., especially if you avoid the big cities - where they could care less. Tons of Irish-blooded people throughout the Midwest though, who'd probably buy all your pints for you just to talk to someone from Ireland.
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 03, 2011 7:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Dave, here's my 2 cents...
I would forget the UN for the moment as it is unbelievably competitive from what I've heard. I'm teaching in Khartoum, Sudan which is a humanitarians wet dream and I know a lot of people struggling to get NGO work. For example my old roommate had a BA and 2 Masters degrees from the USA and UK respectively, he also did a years work experience for the Carter Centre in Atlanta. He got a short term contract over here but the UN didn't take a second look at him. I think you need extensive experience in the field before you can break in.
As for the USA the easiest way in that I know of (and did) is to get on a J-1 visa but you have to be a student so that's out. Alternatively, you can get QTS after doing a PGCE and get 2 years experience in a UK school, then you can get a US 2 year working visa at a school.
My advice is to get your CELTA as soon as you can. It's expensive but I promise it will open so many more doors.
All the best
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