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Entry-level Newbie

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Joined: 16 Jan 2013
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2013 8:11 pm    Post subject: Entry-level Newbie Reply with quote


I was wondering if anybody had some advice for a newbie such as myself.

I'm currently studying at uni in the UK, and will graduate at the end of June with a BSc in Chemistry, Biological and Medicinal Chemistry.
I have recently completed my CELTA course with a pass, and am currently doing a 10-week placement at a secondary school as a part-time Maths teaching assistant.

My plan after graduation is to spend around three years teaching English in Thailand, Korea and then Japan before returning for a masters.
Hopefully, in that time I'll be able to save enough money to pay off my 20,000 student debt.

I've been searching the internet but can't find any decent jobs in Thailand that start in, or after July.
Ideally I'd like to teach in Bangkok, but as an entry-level teacher, I'm not too fussed if the pay isn't great or if the school is shabby.

Also, I've heard it's impossible to land a decent English teaching job in Thailand if you apply directly from overseas, so would it be better to just get on a plane to Thailand and start searching?
If so, I'm confused about the whole visa stuff - if I go over there without a job surely I can't get a visa for more than a few weeks, but then if I find a job while out there could I get an extension? How does it all work?

I was wondering if anybody knew some particularly good websites/places to apply to?

Oh yeah, it would be nice to get my flights reimbursed and accommodation paid for, how likely is it to find a job that provides this as a newbie?


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Joined: 01 Feb 2010
Posts: 129

PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2013 11:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I can address a couple of your questions before tthompatz shows up with definitive answers.

You're definitely better of in-country applying for jobs, you want to be able to check out the school before you commit.

You are not going to find a school in Thailand who's going to pay for your flight, check China or Korea for that perk. Many schools will help with Visa stuff and accommodation, though. is a good site to find job opportunities and network with other teachers in Thailand.
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Joined: 06 Mar 2010
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Location: Talibon, Bohol, Philippines

PostPosted: Sat Feb 02, 2013 12:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

^^^ he covered the key points.

Nobody is going to cover flight costs for a newbie to come to Thailand. There are far too many qualified newbies who are already here and ready to work.

If you need to save money / pay off debts / get your flight costs covered then for a newbie Korea is still the king of the pile. It is harder to get a job now than it used to be but there are still lots of jobs to be found and you can still save 7000 quid per year without scrimping too much.

The majority of jobs in mainstream schools in Thailand will start their academic year in mid May. There are a few openings in Oct for 2nd term starts in November but there is often a reason they have an opening and it is not always great.

There are lots of jobs in the language centers all year (slowest time being Dec-Feb) but they don't usually come with any perks and their staff are almost always hired from "in-country", walk-in applications.

Visas aren't that confusing or difficult.
The best route is to arrive on a 60-day double entry visa.
That will effectively give you up to 6 months to find a job and get yourself squared away.

(enter on the first 60-days. Get a 30 day extension at immigration. Do a quick run to the nearest border. Re-enter on the second 60 days. Do a 30-day extension. total time = ~6 months.)

During that 6 months you find a job.
Together with your employer, gather the paperwork.
Make a trip down to the immigration office in BKK.
Change your status from tourist to non-b (work visa - 90 days).
Return to your school.
The employer applies for your work permit.
Get the work permit.
Apply for a visa extension (9 additional months based on having a work permit).
Apply for the work permit extension to match the visa extension.

At the end of the year, if you stay with the same employer, just extend the visa and work permit again for an additional year. Repeat for as long as you stay at the same job.
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Joined: 16 Jan 2013
Posts: 4

PostPosted: Sun Feb 03, 2013 7:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'll look into korea in that case, and if i have no luck by july then i guess i'll just get on a plane to thailand and start job hunting.

Cheers for clearing everything up for me!
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