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Age limits, University degrees, Non-native speakers

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PostPosted: Sat May 22, 2004 1:13 pm    Post subject: Age limits, University degrees, Non-native speakers Reply with quote


Is there any one who could tell me, whether I would stand a realistic chance of finding employment as an English teacher in Central- or Eastern Europe, after having succesfully having finished the CELTA teacher training.

The reasons why I ask this is, that in spite of the continuously rising demand for good English teachers in this part of the World, the requirements that most employers announce in their ads, seem to be quite rigid and strict, more connected to formalities than to true competence.
I lack many of these basic requirements, but in spite of that, I would make an excellent teacher, once I would get a job.
The problem is, that it's hardly possible for me to convince potential employers of this, for the simple reason that I hardly even get a chance to meet them in person, let alone get a chance to prove myself on the job, let alone get a chance to keep up and improve my competence by actually working.
This post-modern system of applying through a home site, which has to be filled in, before one even gets a chance to meet someone in person, has had catastrophic consequences for me.
For me, this has resulted in constantly being "deleted" from the applying "crew", even before the true selection was even getting started.

To further explain my situation:

* The requirement of being a "Native speaker".
I am not a native speaker of English. However, I am fluent in English, speak (British English) without any accent (according to British friends),
and I am the owner of the "Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency", which I obtained on the highest level (A).
Another advantage is , that I know six other languages besides English, several of the spoken in the countries where I would like to teach (Russian, Polish).
As I am fluent in German, Dutch/Flemish and Swedish as well, I could even teach these languages, if there would be any need for this.

* The requirement of being "young".
I am already 44, but still as vital and flexible as many people 10 to 15 years younger than I am.
Most of the people who meet me first time can hardly believe it, when they hear about ny age.
Another advantage of this is, that I have much more life and work experience, im several fields, than most younger applicants, and that I through life experience have learned to take responsibility on a much deeper level.

* The requirements for a BA or MA.
As I have not had the chance of studying during my younger years, I do not have a university degree yet.
I do, however, have the intelligence for it, and the same intellectual level as many of those BA's, MA's or PhD's.
And I am working at accomplishing this it now, since I finally found the chance to study at the adult age of 40.
But because of the lack of money, I cannot continue it to the end (practically).
Therefore, I would need to find me a job beside, so that I can finish my studies inmy spare time.
Another advantage that I have lost of working experience, which many younger applicants with degrees lack.
I learned the hard way, which would increase my chances of functioning and coping in new situations.

Another advantage that I have, is that I have lived in Eastern Europe before for several years, and I am used to the kind of living and communication there, as well (as I already mentioned), that I know some of the most important languages spoken there.

Is there a chance for me of finding a job, with these lacks, but also these qualities?
Is there a way to make my advantages and competence visible to potential employers?
Is there a way around this "computerised" application system?

Thanks a lot for any help, advice or tips any one could give me.

With best Regards.

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