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roaches and ants...

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 14, 2014 12:34 am    Post subject: roaches and ants... Reply with quote

This is my question...

I live in a very hot humid climate in mexico.
And I do live in an apartment complex so my home is very close to other homes.
The garbage is picked up 2 times a week in my complex - which is cool - but its not enough to control all the ants and roaches.

So, I have kept reading all the great miracle things about boric acid.
But, I could not find any i mexico.
Well, finally I got my hands on some!

So my question is... should I just put it inside my apartment?
Should I bother to put it outside?
Please keep in mind I live in an apartment.
My husband feels I should not put the boric acid outside the apartment because he says there is no way I can kill all the roaches and ants in the entire complex.
He mostly means he feels putting the acid outside my apartment will be a waste of time an energy.
But, the thing is the roaches and ants are so bad where we keep our garbage I feel I have to do something!
I feel like if I can only kill one or 2 it would make me happy.
It feels wrong to let them crawl all over when they feel like it.
And its not okay with me when they come into my home.

Let me tell you what I saw on line...
A lady said the most simple thing to do is mix sugar with boric acid and place in outside in a container that is easy to get into.
Thats it.
She said in about 2 - 3 days you will notice less ants and roaches.
I'm aware living in a complex I can't control all the bugs.
The main thing I wonder about is if I put something like that outside will it attract more roaches and ants?
I don't want to attract them.
Believe me the ants are almost worse than the roaches.
The ants are the most aggressive insects I have ever come across.
They can form a line of hundreds - thousands in moments.

The other thing I have seen people do is roll up the boric acid in balls for the roaches/ ants to eat.
The balls are flour, water, sugar and boric acid.
There is the one hole where the roaches live which really bugs me.
I'd like to put some rolled up balls of boric acid there.

I'm open to suggestions.
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 14, 2014 4:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Being a sort of scientist, I would use the scientific approach: try it, and observe if it makes any difference.

If it makes a difference, and it doesn’t use up too many of your supplies, then you’ll know it’s worth continuing. Otherwise, if it doesn’t make a difference, you’ll know there is no point. Or if it does make a tiny difference, but not enough to justify the expense of time and materials, you’ll know that, too.

So, you’ll make your decision on observed results, instead of on pre-judging the situation and deciding you know ahead of time what’s going to happen.
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