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Talisman - Ekaterinburg. Any advice?

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Joined: 11 Jan 2013
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 27, 2014 3:53 pm    Post subject: Talisman - Ekaterinburg. Any advice? Reply with quote

I have a scheduled interview with Talisman School in Ekaterinburg next week. Has anyone worked with them before there? If so, what are they like?

I have never lived or worked in Russia before but I have been there a couple of times on vacation and liked it. What kind of employment conditions should I look out for. AFAIK, they are covering apartment and visa. What advice can you give to me about hours, pay etc. I just recently got my CELTA. Any advice would be great. Thanks.

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Joined: 11 Jan 2013
Posts: 59

PostPosted: Tue Jul 01, 2014 5:00 pm    Post subject: Re: Talisman - Ekaterinburg. Any advice? Reply with quote

Ok I had the interview and these are their conditions of employment:

Hours/Days of Work: Working hours are from 09:00am to 21:00pm, Monday
through Saturday.
Your timetable will be based on a minimum of 20-30 academic hours per
week. Should you wish to assume a greater workload, we would be very
happy to accommodate you with increased hours per week.

An academic year lasts from September, 1 to June 30; however, the
employment contract is signed for 12 months, which corresponds to the
period of visa validity.

-In case you decide not to stay here for the entire 12-month period,
the dissolution of a contract is only possible after June, 30 (at the
end of the academic year).

-In case you decide to stay and continue to cooperate with the
company, and such an offer is made to you by Talisman as well, your
visa will be extended.

-Vacation period for teachers is July1 - July 31.

- Some of our branches, as well as language camps out in the country,
operate in the summer as well, and you can be invited to work there.


The Rate of Pay is currently between 300 and 400 Roubles per academic
hour, depending on the number of students in your group, the student
retention statistics, how long you have been working for Talisman
(there is a rate increase for every year spent working for Talisman),
and your qualifications.
Having qualifications serves to increase the hourly rate and we also
offer certain incentives which we invite
you to consider.

Job Description

The job involves teaching English, both to teenagers and adults,
mainly in groups of a maximum fourteen students. It is possible,
however, that there may be lessons with individual students and/or
corporate groups of varying sizes.
Courses for teenagers (and younger students) run from September to
May. Adult courses, including those for corporate clients, vary in
length from several weeks to all-year.

Teenagers and younger students usually have lessons for two academic
hours (i.e., 90 minutes actual classroom time), twice a week.

Adult lessons are usually for three academic hours (150 minutes actual
classroom time), twice a week.

Corporate lessons may be once or twice weekly, usually for two or
three academic hours.

In addition to regular groups you will have guests lessons, including
those at our branches outside Yekaterinburg.

Once in a while Talisman organises promotional events which you will
be required to support.

Teaching Materials and Resources

1. We provide you with a Teacher's book, Student's book and listening
material and Student's Workbook, where applicable. Students are
required to buy their own materials for the course.
2. All our course materials are authentic, the majority of which being
published by Macmillan or Pearson Longman. In some instances, however,
corporate clients may request that we create our own materials,
tailoring them to the very specific needs of the client.
3. All our classrooms are equipped with TV sets, video and CD/DVD players.
4. We also integrate Internet learning and most of our schools have a
room where students may work at computers on the wide range of
Reading, Listening, Grammar and Vocabulary exercises available through
our Talisman English Campus site ((c) Macmillan Publishers 2003 - 2014).


Your salary is calculated on the number of academic hours you work per
month. Payment is made to you on a monthly basis, mid-month, e.g.,
after completion of September's lessons, you will be paid in

Visa Support and Local Registration

We provide the necessary legal documentation from the Department of
Migration Service of the Russian Federation to enable you to obtain,
subject to satisfactory documentation provided by you, a valid Russian
Work Visa for this position from the Russian Embassy in the country
where you currently reside. On your arrival in Yekaterinburg, we also
accompany and assist you with Local Registration and all other
necessary legal procedures.

Medical Insurance

The cost of medical insurance for the duration of your stay in the
Russian Federation will be paid by Talisman. The medical insurance
provided by Talisman is a traveler's insurance and covers only
emergency cases. Should you wish to purchase an insurance package that
covers more, we would be happy to assist you in finding a reliable


The airfare to Russia (50% upon arrival and 50% after 3 months of
work) is refunded.


We provide you with accommodation in a rented apartment. This is
either a room in a two-bedroom apartment that you share with a
flatmate, or a studio, centrally located.

Russian Language Lessons

We provide free of charge Russian language lessons to those native
English-speaking teachers whose workload is 35 (thirty-five) hours per
week or more.


Saturdays are some of the most popular days with Talisman's customers,
which is why having a job with our company almost inevitably involves
working on Saturdays. We do offer our teachers two days off a week,
but not necessarily Saturday and Sunday. Rather likely, this could be
Wednesday and Sunday.

We appreciate that our foreign teachers may wish to explore our region
and therefore from time to time they would like to have both a
Saturday and Sunday off. With that in mind, we are agreeable to a
limited number of lesson substitutions by other Native speakers,
strictly provided that such arrangements are made in advance with and
the approval of our Director General.

Other Premium Rate opportunities

Adhoc opportunities arise throughout the year which may allow you to
increase your earnings. Among these are the additional payments we
make at premium rates to teachers who are qualified examiners and
participate in the international exams that we conduct in association
with Cambridge ESOL, for example.

Likewise, those teachers who host Teacher Training seminars are paid
for such activities at a higher rate than their ordinary classroom
hourly rate.

Any input/advice would be gratefully received.
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