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KYP lecturer positions. Scam alert

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Joined: 23 Nov 2016
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 3:44 am    Post subject: KYP lecturer positions. Scam alert Reply with quote

I would like to inform anyone of the potential applicants about the situation at KYP college. The college is highly mismanaged both in terms of monetary funds and in terms of incompetence. There are 10 foreign lecturers and two recruiters/contractors. 5 of the lecturer visas have been refused. The college Md is a blatant corrupt person who instead of paying these lecturers their 3 month pay and let them leave the college to find other suitable jobs has ordered for them to be allocated to other jobs and roles in college. Md is known to throw tantrums, he is known to insult staff, shout at them and throw stuff when he is in a fit.Every paper and document must be signed by Md before anything can be approved.

The lecturers are working illegally and are constantly told that their correct visas will be processed. Md continues to amend and go back on his word. The lecturers were promised free accommodation in the letter of employment but when they arrived to Malaysia Md had changed his mind so the college administration followed his orders. Lastly there are no college holidays! You have to take them out of your leave days. Please read the contract carefully before you sign up to be embezzled by this college. Be aware that recruiters are not the owners they are simply handing over the lecturers to the college.

Please be aware that the contract will not be honored. One of the lecturers I'm told is taking legal action at the industrial tribunal of Malaysia. Just in case you do accept the offer and decide to work with this college, please do not be intimidated by these folks. Contact the relevant Malaysian authorities as soon as they try to wrong you! Unlike the lecturers who are trapped now and are finding their ways to sue the college.
Link to industrial tribunal website;
Shocked Mad
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Joined: 21 Feb 2010
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 4:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow. Those are some serious charges.

I sent you a PM.
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Joined: 23 Nov 2016
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 03, 2016 11:56 am    Post subject: KYP Lecturer positions Malaysia Reply with quote

from an unknown writer who belongs from KYP!

Let's establish facts, this is not an attack on the college, we are all engaged in reflection, nothing vindictive is happening this is all about people wanting to be allowed to speak, not being attacked when they speak the truth and not being punished and victimized if they try to keep the college functional rather than keep silent while it is led into oblivion. Only one person is allowed to make decisions in the college, others including managers are silenced by the fear of irrational responses which come combined with vicious victimization.

Of course I know one person has said no he will not be treated this way, he has given notice to leave and will seek legal redress, this has resulted in attempts to bully staff to comply in trying to isolate him, bribe staff with promises of promotion into higher job positions in which they get a title along with continued dis-empowerment, openly abuse and threaten him with the aim of scaring other staff into silence.

I say to him don't give up, I will support you, at the right moment I will take back my right to speak and think and I will give him a report which he can show to the courts. The report will be truly and honestly conceived and will demonstrate who this manager really is, how he was given his misguided power, the names of those that did a favor and put him into the college, the names of those he tallies favors from to wrongly empower him, his current deceptions aimed at misleading government offices in Malaysia in order to achieve aims which all of his staff wish they could advise him not to do because he is destroying our college.

Though at this moment I feel sure he feels isolated, is being victimized I would like to remind him that many staff have taken recent advice from the legal office he is working with for justice, at the right moment he will be furnished with substantial evidence and real time support. When he gets that court date for real he can put aside the feeling of my bad that is being heaped on him, others will believe, step forward with stories and evidence and the truth will be shown in a conclusive light which will blaze brightly over Malaysia and that isolated miserable unhappy college. The pain for everyone will finish.

Do the right thing, get your court case date and I will step in and support you along with the other local and foreign staffs that are also waiting to speak.

We will support you, believe this but if you take payment from him and walk away from the court, you will have betrayed all of us. Can you live with that?

We need a swap in management for the sake of the staff, students and the future of the college if you start this and then walk away having agreed some deal to line your pockets we will view you as one and the same as the person at the center of this investigation. Don't betray us or your values.

The analysis which requires in depth consideration is obvious. We can talk about the college being at fault but should we be talking about the fault being the Managing Director? I copied and pasted a snippet from another teachers forum and posted it here to show that the analysis is in growth, fueled by others also wanting the right to think, decide and speak..

The problems within this college are not only having a detrimental impact on foreign staff whom are still after so many months illegally working on visitor visa's but also on localized employees at all levels within the college, the atmosphere comes over as miserable, unhappy, dis-empowering, irrationally threatening, misdirecting and regular victimization targeted at any staff member that questions or thinks, regardless of their ethnicity, race, gender or working position.

I do not concur with regarding the assumption individually commenting, I strongly advise them to start investigating and prepare their story for their readers to read and share around the world. I believe what I am told and I can see on the internet that various individuals are putting out their views and that others are looking to also express themselves, they are waiting for the right moment to be heard. I am told and I know it is true. I have also had my moments as a victim in the college. Nobody in the college dare to make a decision unless they hold protection from victimization from him. How do they get such protection, by simply playing along with his maladministration but even then such protection is only temporary.

Entire departments led by powerless managers are frozen into immobility when they need to do something as simple as making a decision. On the front of things he shouts do your job ( but he does not do his job) but if you dare to do your job you get accused of being disrespectful especially if you make a decision without giving the decision making process over to him so he can take control and change it to a wrong decision.

I will continue to blog, I will not be silenced from allowing the truth to be known and I will do everything possible to assist any employee to take back their personal respect, freedom to think, decide and speak without having to fear irrational victimization.

When I opened my e mails today the first thing I read is that he has demanded the college IT department find the IP numbers of any person commenting online so that he can silence them. He has ordered that two staff be driven out the college even though he has no proof that it is them practicing the right to speak the truth.

R....... I tell you on behalf of many others both foreign and local, get that court date set, we will when the time is right step forward and support you, PLEASE don't accept any offered deal and walk away. Do your job and help our college.
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