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Truth about visas and jobs?

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Joined: 26 Jan 2005
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Location: California

PostPosted: Thu Jan 27, 2005 10:39 am    Post subject: Truth about visas and jobs? Reply with quote

What’s the word in Buenos Aires streets? Is economy improving? What will that do to EFL teachers? Higher school pay, from 12 up to 20pesos? Easier to find privates? Will improved economy bring inflation? Tighten visa police? Confused

I’ve read every Argentina forum post, and I’m getting ready to move to BA, but I don’t trust this unique situation to continue. Now BA is like Prague, Budapest, enjoyable to live in but you barely make enough to cover your plane ticket. Flocks of EFL teachers flew in because their savings let them live like royalty since devaluation. Will teacher overpopulation keep wages low at 12 pesos? Will government tighten visitor visa overstay policy?

In China, one minute it is legal to be kindergarten teacher without work permit, next minute police are raiding schools, throwing kindergarten teachers in jail and deporting them same week, just because some politician changed his mind—I read that on Dave’s China Taiwan forum! Any hint a similar crackdown might make it harder for BA teachers?

Is this too good to be true? A teacher can work in BA without a work permit or tax ID? So he pays no tax? No one cares? No penalty? Or has Argentina NEVER CARED about work visas and overstays? Brazil is very strict and kicks you out after 6 months and fines you overstay penalty. Can I really teach in BA without a work permit, without a tax ID, for both schools and privates, pay no taxes, live there for years, and no one cares?

Visitor visa must be renewed every 3 months by leaving? How? Air travel, or by a cheap bus border run? What is penalty for overstay? Maybe get locked out at the border?

I trust only you guys! Reading the forum, it seems everyone who asks officials are told it is impossible to teach in BA, impossible to get a work visa, impossible to get a tax ID, must leave after 3 months. Clearly, dozens of teachers on this forum prove the “official” policy is not enforced! What is the truth? Wink
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Joined: 13 Feb 2005
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Location: Argentina

PostPosted: Sat Feb 19, 2005 9:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello there,
I am argentine and I live in my country.
To know how long you can stay, you can see this web site or oth , the maximum I think is 6 months, and if you happen to have a contract of work you will have permission to stay longer. Each time you need to extend this permission you have to go to the Federal Police or to the Oficina de Migraciones, depending on which city or town you are in. I know a lot about this, because my husband being an American and knowing zero spanish, he had to have me to do all his papers.
As regards getting a job, it depends on what your plans are. My husband got a small job, teaching english in conversation classes in private institutes. I don´t think you may be able to get a job at a private school or public school (I am referring to formal school learning), unless you have a teacher degree translated to spanish and have legal permission to stay in the country.
If I can be of any help just consult me,
I wish you the best, and welcome to Argentina, you´ll see that people are really friendly with foreigners here! Wink
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