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fast track/bribe?

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Joined: 14 May 2003
Posts: 19

PostPosted: Fri May 16, 2003 2:47 am    Post subject: fast track/bribe? Reply with quote

The folowing was posted on Volga Cantre site (Peter?); is this really recommendable? Let me know.


I’d previously flown into Sheremetyevo and knew that passport control is a real nightmare. It can easily take an hour to get through here. The controllers don’t give a sh*t about visitors, Russians don’t queue, they push to the front and it’s unorganized chaos.

What I did was use the Diplomats only control point. The $5US that was folded in my passport along with my visa disappeared and I was into Russia. Picking up my bag I was out through “Nothing to declare” and into the arms of my Russian friends who were driving me to Sheremetyevo Terminal 1. It’s only 5 km between the two terminals but it was hot, my bags were heavy and my friends volunteered to meet me.

There is no shuttle service between the two terminals so if you haven’t got friends you’ll have to use the taxi drivers who’ll be fighting to get at you as you clear customs. Agree a price before you start, wave a $5US bill and you’ll have no trouble. It’s relatively cheap and saves time and trouble. The taxi fare into the center of Moscow (30km) can vary from $25 to $200 (whatever they think they can screw you for).

If you decide to fly via Moscow be sure that the second flight ISN’T from Domededovo airport. It’s 50km away on the other side of the city center – and there’s no shuttle service.

If you change money or buy an airline ticket Moscow – Samara at the Terminal or at the Samara Airlines counter check that you get your visa back. I didn’t and it causes all sorts of problems. Also there’s a long wait between planes – I had 5 hours. Plenty of time to catch up with my friends’ news, but you’ll probably be alone.

The easiest way to get here, (I know this now – didn’t then), is to stage through Frankfurt and fly Lufthansa. There are direct flights to Samara airport for Togliatti and Samara. But they don’t fly every day so check. The passport control is easier, you miss the mess and queuing and bloody mindedness of Moscow and you get where you want to be much faster.
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Joined: 14 May 2003
Posts: 19

PostPosted: Fri May 16, 2003 2:50 am    Post subject: gibberish Reply with quote

sorry about the encoding. Here's the site with the original: (click on Travel Experience)

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Kent F. Kruhoeffer

Joined: 22 Jan 2003
Posts: 2129
Location: 中国

PostPosted: Fri May 16, 2003 5:16 am    Post subject: there is a FREE shuttle bus Reply with quote

Dear flyingfish2004:

There is a FREE shuttle bus between the 2 Sheremetyevo airports now, so this post is either very old, or just not accurate.

When you arrive at the international terminal, go down the escalator to the basement floor and look for the TRANSIT window. Show them your ticket, and they will put you on the next shuttle. It's a 10 minute ride to the domestic terminal and IT IS FREE.

DO NOT under any circumstance take or negotiate with the taxi scabs in the lobby of the international terminal. They will RIP YOU OFF faster than you can blink.

If your papers and visa are in order, there's NO NEED to bribe anyone at immigration or customs ... or to even consider that option. I've been in and out of both terminals many times and never had to bribe anyone for anything.

Hope that answers your questions Exclamation


PS: I've never used the Domodedovo airport, so I'm not really sure if there's a shuttle bus linking that airport to Sheremetyevo or not.
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Joined: 03 Mar 2003
Posts: 416
Location: at home, in France

PostPosted: Fri May 16, 2003 6:49 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The post is a couple of years old.

Lufthansa still flies direct from Frankfurt to Samara.

If you stage through Moscow try to avoid Sheremetyevo - it's still a dump.

If you have to use Sheremetyevo and want to get to the city centre, push through the taxi drivers, exit the building and diagonally to your right you will see Green or white minibuses. 20 roubles gets you to the top of the metro line in about 20 minutes.

Then 5 roubles gets you a ticket to anywhere around the city. For Kazanski station (trains to Samara) take the metro until you arrive at the crossover with the Brown line.

For a metro map look at www.expat .ru
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Joined: 18 Mar 2003
Posts: 1143
Location: Cyprus

PostPosted: Sat May 17, 2003 7:59 am    Post subject: Moscow Airports Reply with quote

My advice,based on experience,is to AVOID Sheremetyevo 2 if you can-it's dirty,decrepid,smelly,dark and badly run and has all the problems already described-airlines are deserting it in droves,including British Airways in a couple of months,who are moving to Domodyedovo which is operated by Eastline,an American firm.There,not only is it clean and bright,but the airline and customs girls and guys even say hello and smile at you and treat you like a customer,rather than an object of derision like they do at he other main airport which most people have been used to.There is a bus service to the metro station and also a train which I think already has,or will soon be converted into a high-speed electric service! So why the big difference you may well ask??
Because my friends,passport control etc. at Sheremteyevo 2 is run by the military,while at Domod. it's run by the airport management!Need I say more?
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Joined: 12 Apr 2003
Posts: 15

PostPosted: Tue May 20, 2003 3:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I would like to fourth (?) the above posts that things at Sheremetevo aren't so tough. It is a big pain and one of the least pleasant airports I've been to, but there is no need for all the hassle described in the original post.

There is a free transfer shuttle, however, I had to wait two hours for it, and it was a 20 minute ride, but I had no problems transfering.

Though people are recommending Domodevo, I would recommend against it if you're flying in to Sheremetevo II as do most travellers. The trip across town on the subway is possible as described above, and if you can speak Russian you shouldn't have any trouble. Still, you're lugging your suitcases and all through the system, and it seems much easier to hang in S II, even if it isn't bright and shiny, and then transfer to the nearby S I.

As to bribing customs officials, there is often a long queue--I've waited in line 3 hours before, but it's not necessary to do that. Additionally, going through customs can actually be helpful--it's the only way to get a stamp on your customs form, which is really something you should have if you can get it.

And don't keep your visa in your passport once you've gone through customs. One of the people in my tour group lost her visa just that way. Take it out of your passport and keep it separate once you've arrived.

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Joined: 12 Apr 2003
Posts: 15

PostPosted: Tue May 20, 2003 4:45 pm    Post subject: CORRECTION!!!! Reply with quote

heh, heh--After seven years of dealing with those stupid little paper visas, either for myself or my tour groups, I forgot that they have finally been abolished. Yea!!!

So, an amendment to my previous response. Your visa, at least, can no longer be taken. But your migration card still can. Hand over your passport and only your passport--keep the card with you, but in a different place. (And if it's stapled into your passport, check to make sure it's still there.)

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