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College of the Marshall Islands
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 10, 2012 6:35 am    Post subject: runners Reply with quote

How does one do a 'runner' from an island?
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 06, 2014 5:18 am    Post subject: College of the Marshall Islands Reply with quote

First of all consider before you leave to move to the Marshalls that you will be victimized on a daily basis from cab drivers to having very expensive groceries rang up completely wrong. Most departments have there own clicks and really could care less how you adjust to a third world country. Those expats that are working there for the most part most likely would not get jobs anywhere else. The current President has recently resigned. People are let go for age, and other illegal discriminatory reasons. Expect to have no life because if you do anything rumors fly and not in your favor.

Everyone passes the blame on everyone else. Can never get a straight answer unless you confront head on.

None of the locals have a nickel to their name, therefore thieving is very common. Police investigate nothing, and the security at the college is questionable. Expect your mail to be opened, either for the security looking for money (around the holidays), or just because HR deems it's ok to open anyone's mail.

The students are enjoyable but for the most part show up high or drunk, and if you kicked them all out each time, you would have no students.

They will also lie directly to your face or steal anything in arm's reach.

The local people see expats as dollar signs, period. Any conversation held with an expat consists of how and when they are leaving the Island.

It takes an average student six years to get through a two year program. Most attend for the free Pell grant money and the ability to use their food card to take home gobs of food for their families.

Mold is rampid in the buildings which slowly closes in on how you feel, worse and worse as time goes on. Do not invite a local into your home or you are going to get robbed or asked for money or something they want.

Complain about nothing at the school because it gets no where other than being held against you. If your students do well, it's not because you have a good teaching style, it's because you are "too easy".

Most married expats are sleeping with students, not to mention nepotism is out of control.

The coral reefs are polluted with dirty diapers and beer bottles, so nothing to be missed snorkeling.

Medical care is very limited. Meaning if you have any sort of ailment, along with the massive heat, this is not the place for you.

The College of the Marshall Islands is a place where your enthusiasm for education goes to die.

Try the Colleges in Guam which are much more westernized. Good luck.
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