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Cairo Bound! Different Situation...any advice?

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 25, 2008 1:13 am    Post subject: Cairo Bound! Different Situation...any advice? Reply with quote

I am so glad to have found this site. It has been so very informative. I have a strange situation and was wondering if anyone might have some adivce. (Maybe not so much "stange" as "different") My husband and I currently reside in the United States. I was born here, my husband is an Egyptian native although he has been a US citizen for close to seven years now. We have a business that has unfortunately suffered from the recent economy problems. His mother, who has had some health issues, is now alone and we wish to be closer to her. We also have two young sons who we would like to experience the Egyptian culture as well as learn Arabic. We are more than likely going to return to Egypt. We lived there in 2001-2002 and I taught English at a mediocre language school (Memphis Language School) I worked for basically nothing. A friend of mine worked there and I took the job as I thought it might be exciting. It wasn't horrible, however it was WAY too much work for the money I was making (1500 LE a month) I do NOT hold a university degree which would explain my poor wages. I have attended college off and on over the years however I still do not hold a degree. My husband and I have both become TESL/TESOL certified in the past month. I am hoping it may help when we look for employment in Egypt. My husband DOES hold a college degree but I have a feeling that because he is a native to Egypt he will find it difficult to be taken seriously as an ESL teacher. He is wanting to try his hand at teaching however he does have other avenues he may be able to pursue. We already have a flat there so housing will not be an issue however we are now wondering if we should even mention that we are applying as a married couple or if we should apply seperately. My husband is a GCE grad and also took the TOEFL exam so he thinks he could probably make some decent wages tutoring students who will be taking these exams. He is VERY strong in the Math and Sciences.
This post is already too long! (Sorry) I suppose I am simply after some advice from those of you who have taught there for so many years. While I DO have a year of teaching experience, I know that things have changed.

Thanks for your time! Any advice will be greatly appreciated.[/quote]
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 27, 2008 9:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

What is it with these Egyptian husbands that want to go back to their country!!! Just kidding. I am also married to an Egyptian and just moved to Egypt this year for the same reasons. My husband wanted to be next to his aging parents and he also wanted for our daughter to learn Arabic, the religion and to be immersed in the Egyptian culture. I am an American citizen but not a native one, I hold a master's degree in education and a certification. I had no problem finding a good paying job but I was hired as a local one because I applied the last minute in September.
Now the school I landed in is a reputable and considerate to be a good one compare to the rest of them. I teach mainly Egyptians in the high school and middle school level. Let me tell you it is extremely challenging and overwhelming dealing with teenagers in Egypt. The discipline is a huge issue, and I am trying every single idea in the book.
The life in Egypt can be chaotic and hectic. I am really having hard time adjusting but I think it is just matter of time. Since you have lived here for a year and since you're an American and with one year of teaching experience you can find a relatively good paying job, I will think around 4,000 EP. If I were you I will start sending my resume to all the language schools but remember some of them can be good and some are just a nightmare as you know already. Do your homework first!!. You can also work as an assistant teacher in one of the top schools like (Cairo American College, American International Schools, British national schools) also try El Alsson School the pay is not bad.
To give you an idea about the wages here. The expatriates in my school are being paid 16,000 EG /month most of them don't even hold a master degree or a certification just because they are native with some teaching experience not bad!!!! The local ones are being paid 6,000 EP with a Master's degree and if they have a certification from the States which is my case 9,000EP/month.
I hope this will help send me a P.M if you need more information. Good luck.
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