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Thinking about Chile 2011, no degree TEFL cert only

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Joined: 15 Mar 2010
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 19, 2010 5:03 am    Post subject: Thinking about Chile 2011, no degree TEFL cert only Reply with quote

Hi there! I was hoping someone might be able to answer some general questions for me. Like the heading says, I'm considering working in South America, possibly Chile and wondered a few things.

- does anyone have experience finding work with only a TEFL certificate? Are there any agencies that are more trustworthy than others?

- were I to go, I would be traveling with my girlfriend. Are there any restrictions on cohabitation with someone other than your spouse?

Thanks in advance for your help. I know it's a lot to ask, but if I can even get pointed in the right direction it'd be a great start. I've found some agencies, but it's hard to know who to trust, (especially when they're asking for money up front Confused).
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Joined: 31 Oct 2006
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Location: Santiago, Chile

PostPosted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 7:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I am sure that you've read this a dozen times already...but you really just need to rock up and find a job after you arrive. While there may be some jobs available from overseas, most definitely these are going to be lower end jobs as they need to recruit from overseas as their pay/conditions aren't competitive enough to pull teachers out of the market of teachers already in Chile. Of course there are exceptions, as with everything in life.

You may have trouble getting a work visa without a degree...I can't be 100% certain, but it may not be approved by Immigration as they may require a degree in order to 'prove' that you are trained in that field. That being said, a LOT of people live/work in Chile illegally. You just need to make a visa run to Mendoza every few months. You would definitely find some school or other to hire you.

There would be no issue whatsoever with living with your girlfriend...the hard thing about finding apartments in Chile is that without a co-signer you could end up having a really hard time finding a place. When we lived there we ended up having to pay 3-months rent up front as well as a if you haven't got $2,000 extra in cash to set up your apartment it could be tough. There are places that rent without a co-signer, but they are generally more expensive.

I hope that your girlfriend is planning on teaching as well, because there is no way two people would be able to live off of one language institute salary, whether you've got a degree or not.

Check out Vietnam for teaching without a degree...that's probably the best bet for being able to earn a decent wage without a degree. It's the same deal there, though, where you'd be working under the table....the big difference is that a large percentage of the foreigners working there are working under the table as well. It's quite normal, and you don't have to leave the country to renew your tourist visa, you can just pay a fee and stay.
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