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Global Knowledge School in Libya ... beware

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 06, 2012 5:06 pm    Post subject: Global Knowledge School in Libya ... beware Reply with quote

This isnt even a beware notice! I took contract with Global |Knowledge Schools in Libya in august and it took a month just to get my visa because of delays of the school and didnt get paid, but thats nothing to what is coming. The contract gave me 30 days probation and the Headmaster, Kahlid, promised me that I would start getting paid when my visa was approved(12 Sept. 2012) not the contract date of September 1, 2012.I arrived on 17 September because there was problem with ambassador getting killed and a strike. I then stayed in hotel for 4 days until other teachers came, and we moved about 20km out of town to schools group home. We went to school a total of 2 times in the morning, for about 2 hours each time to tour school and meet our new supervisor an Irish woman. Nothing happened, nothing except some politenesses between teachers. The day before classes started we all went to school. The Irish woman said they had a meeting and I was mot wanted by the
school, I was astonished. I told her I had a contract and at least 30 days probation. The next day they moved me to a hotel(which was my mistake I should not have left).
1) They refused to pay the $670.00usd dollars I paid for the visa which Khalid said they would.
2) They only paid me from the 17th of September thru 27th.
3) The contract has an agreement for arbitration, but I could not find the organization to file with because of the transition and the school would not even answer my phone calls to assist me.
4) they never gave me a termination letter.
After 3 days Walid, Khalids brother, came in with money and a ticket to Armenia. NOTE I came from Armenia because i WAS traveling thru those countries ON holiday, but asked him to not go there because I would need visa and could save him money other places. He told me that if
I didnt leave by 10 am that I would have to pay my own way out. There was no notice, I didnt get any probation or even see the inside of a classroom, and I had no time to file for arbitration. This is the worst burn I have had. If you even consider working for Global
Knowledge School in Tripoli you better expect the worst.
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 06, 2012 6:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Very sorry to hear about your experience and very much hope your next experience is better. It's too bad you left so fast and things happened as they did. Schools in Libya seem extremely desperate for teachers. I suppose, though some of them will mistreat people regardless.

I've certainly had some unpleasant surprises since arriving but on the whole things have been okay and I'm still excited to be here (the tiny bit I've seen of Libya has been spectacular). There's no way I would have come without a job from a very reputable organization. Even then, there have been a few bumps.

For the right person who knows exactly what they're getting into (employer and country), I would recommend Libya.

Once again sorry for your bad experience and I hope you have some good karma waiting for you down the road.
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