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Bryan Wu's Deceptive Tactics and Destructive Playbook

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Joined: 09 Mar 2013
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 16, 2013 6:17 am    Post subject: Bryan Wu's Deceptive Tactics and Destructive Playbook Reply with quote

I just want everyone to avoid the recruiter Bryan Wu AT ALL COSTS!

His email address is [email protected] and his Skype username is esljobintaiwan. He primary tries to fill openings in the smaller towns in Taiwan.

He promised me a job at the Green English School in Erlin, Taiwan. He and the school wanted me to do a teaching demo and put it on You Tube, which I thought was reasonable. I did that and the school was happy. However, once the negotiating started, then he liked to play psychological games. What do I mean? I made a reasonable demand that he should be put in the contract. Then he accused me of being rude and disrespectful. It was a clause that said if the school wanted to let me go, they needed to give me one monthís salary so I could have enough money to go home. Eventually, we agreed on the terms of the contract.

After that they wanted me to me sign the contract, email the contract back to them, book the flight, and get a Taiwanese tourist visa. I did what they wanted, and I called in a lot of favors from friends and family. Bryan Wu didnít tell me there were other ways of getting ultimately getting the resident visa, ARC card, and working visa. That would have saved me a lot of hassle from friends and family.

Then when I finally land in Taipei, then the school has a shuttle driver ready to pick me up after I land in Taipei. I donít meet my day-to-day supervisor until about 48 hours later, then she tells that they wonít sign the contract until I do something else. I was like, ďWhat the f%#@? This isnít what I agreed too.Ē

So, Bryan Wu and the school neglected to tell me that if I donít do another demonstration, then they wouldnít sign the contract. So, Bryan Wu is out for himself. If a school uses Bryan Wu, then donít even consider that school.

If you are bold enough to deal and negotiate with him, then this is what you should do:
1. Make sure a contract is signed with both parties signature BEFORE you are flying from an English speaking country. DO NOT book your ticket if the contract isnít signed by both parties. Once you sign it, then tell him you will not book your flight until you see the contract sign by the school.

2. Ask him what other options to get other types of visa there are so you can ultimately get the work visa and the ARC card.
3. Tell him upfront that youíre not interested in playing psychological games, if he tries to then you give him 3 strikes and heís out just like baseball.

If I had did these things, then I would not have been left high and dry. Luckily, I have a friends in Taiwan who can give me some help.
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Joined: 20 May 2013
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 20, 2013 1:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Green English School is also the victim!!

I have to say something here. When I saw this post, I feel really angry, sad and sorry. I am the local English teacher of Green English School. I know this teacher who posted as well. I have to say something for my boss and my company. Green English School is also the victim. Bryan did not tell the truth to the teachers who want to apply for our school job, including the teaching demostration what they have to do and some of contract details. He even changed our school contract, even the boss sent him the PDF file of contract. He typed the contract again because the PDF file cannot be changed, and he changed and deleted many details, even some of them were totally wrong. That's why teachers didn't get the right information before they come to our school and thought the school cheated them! I believe it's his style to push a teacher to be hired by a school quickly.
Finally, my boss found this cheating game when some new teachers show us the different contract that Bryan sent them and told them. He gave them many benefits that the boss didn't agree or she agrees to offer other teachers. My boss has stopped to hire Bryan as our agent since last week!! Green English School is also the victim. My boss said that she won't believe any agent anymore. She will contact with all applicants by herself.

BTW, to this teacher who posted here, please answer me why you told to my colleague who is from southeastern Asia country that it is impossible for her to teach in "YOUR" country because she is from XXX country. I have to say, it's a racial discrimination!! We feel lucky that we don't have to work with you and suffer your rudeness.
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