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Soon starting my long journey to TEFL....
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 7:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

So ive had a few up and down weeks spent really thinking about this.

This is what I wrote to my friend to get off my chest -

Been a flood of emotions and thoughts the last week, hearing about the teaching placements and their short supply for non core subject degrees put some serious doubts in my head, didn’t know what to do, racking my brains looking for careers choices but always in the back of my head just coming back to thinking “got to get back out there (asia)”.

Was looking at trade and apprenticeships but it all just boiled down to.....still being stuck here and not exploring the world.

Then started looking at other things i could do in asia, but really, even though teaching is hard, its still the most feasible thing to achieve, and it allows me to go anywhere, if i got a job in asia doing something else id be stuck in that job and might find it hard to move on.

Lots of people i talk to say do what you love and try to find jobs that involve that in asia....

But honestly i just love watching films, listening to music and blogging, thats pretty much it, so realistically that’s out the question. Helping kids....thats actually something i could see myself wanting to do.

Then looked at teaching but things I enjoy (ie health)....come up with PE teacher, would be a pretty good job i reckon, turns out its really popular and need to be very good at sports etc so doubt ill get on that.

So i think ive finally come to my plan which is pretty much what i was originally going to do.

Digital Media at college

Move onto Uni and do digital media/film production

Then while at uni, seeing as I'm doing a non core subject and placements in the teaching scheme are very hard to get for non core’ers like me, ill have to get some experience.

Experience in school is what they really want to see, of course subjects is important but experience is more important, its more about whether you are a good teacher...

So while at uni ill have plenty of time to try and get some work experience and just help out in schools to build up my experience. Which when i hopefully come to finishing my degree and applying for the PGCE will look very good on paper.

And my backup is 2 fold really

1 - If i don’t get/or cant be bothered to do the teaching course after a degree at least ill have a degree which is all you really need to get out there and teach, obviously positions and pay will be much worse but at least i can travel and work for a good amount of years and it will get me into most countries

2 - And if i discover i hate teaching at least ill have a media degree so i can get into video production/editing back here and try to pursue something i have an interest in

My friend summed it up perfectly in one sentence after reading my thoughts

Whatever you do, you're gonna get that degree - and it's gonna allow you, on some level (whatever the degree) to get to Asia.

Now i know doing a teaching degree is best but to get onto a college course in teaching requires experience, i don't have the time while working full-time to volunteer in a school, and i want to be at college this year. I can't quit my job because i need to save as much as i can before I become a student for the next 4-5 years.

Im hoping a media degree + pgce + experience will hopefully allow me into a decent school and position when i get over there.
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