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TEFL Course with practical elements?
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, 2013 10:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

HLJHLJ wrote:
In the OPs case, he's looking at applying for NET, one of THE most competitive schemes. The majority of people accepted have QTS. The handful of exceptions usually have substantial experience. But they are also known to throw the occasional curve ball and select someone unexpected.

@OP (Gonsdad): FWIW, I once interviewed in London for NET (sometime between completing 3 years on JET and then returning to Japan for a further 5 years but with a variety of employers). The NET interviewers were IMHO cursory and curt to the point of rudeness. For example, when I mentioned in passing that a few hours earlier I'd been shopping for and bought a new dictionary (the then LDOCE4), they just looked at me and flatly said 'But you can get those in Hong Kong'. ("Considered" answer, after many years of thought LOL: 'Well, who'd've guessed?! In fact, you can even get bilingualized ones there too, but usually they are at least an edition or two older, as it takes a while for the newer editions to be translated. Anyway, "needs must", as this is London, as you can see if you look out of the windows yonder at the English gentlemen displaying impeccable manners, with sarcasm used only when absolutely called for'. What I actually said of course was something far more polite, along the lines of 'Heh, I know, I've stopped over in HK a few times, but I just wanted a copy here and now in the UK, as I'm quite interested in learner dictionaries, find them useful, and usually buy any new editions as soon as they become available').

To cut a short story shorter, I didn't get selected for NET. It seems I was just one of those in the "unqualified" (unrelated degree and a mere RSA/UCLES CTEFLA [what the CELTA used to be called], experience TEFLing apparently not counting for enough) but "possible" English teacher pile, who was interviewed "just in case", but passed over for whatever reasons. It wasn't too much skin off my nose however, as at least I'd been on JET, and returned to East Asia soon enough and under my own steam.
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