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Updated TOS January 2012

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Enrico Palazzo
Mod Team
Mod Team

Joined: 11 Mar 2008

PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2012 5:52 am    Post subject: Updated TOS January 2012 Reply with quote

Updated by the moderating team on January 23, 2012

The Terms of Service (Forum Guidelines)

This is an essential, must-follow for users. If you have questions, contact the moderators. The TOS comes from the guidelines set forward by Dave Sperling tailored to fit the forums. The moderators take the following of the Terms of Service seriously.

The Goals of TOS.

1) The goal of the TOS is to provide professionals with a decent Dave’s ESL Café forums, to have it as a positive place for all to interact.

2) It is to be a place that endeavors to comply with the law, encourage positive communication.

What is done to apply the TOS?

1) It is impossible to review every single message. We try to apply the TOS as fairly as possible. In the end, we rely on you to follow the TOS. If there’s a problem with a poster, hit the report button and/or send us a PM.

2) The administrator (Dave Sperling) and moderators of this forum will attempt to remove, edit any generally objectionable material as quickly as possible.

What you agree to do essentially and what violations entail.

You agree to not, “… post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated or any other material that may violate any applicable laws.”
Dave Sperling

2) You agree that the administrator and moderators of this forum have the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic or post at any time should they see fit. As a user you agree to any information you have entered above being stored in a database. While this information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent, the webmaster, administrator and moderators cannot be held responsible for any hacking attempt that may lead to the data being compromised.

[A Community effort to keep Dave's Clean]

1) It requires effort on the part of the administrator, moderators, and users of Dave’s ESL Café to make things go smoothly on the site.
2) With that in mind, we ask you to hit the report button (exclamation mark) to let us know if people are violating the TOS.

3) Do this and be pro-active instead of saying, “Why didn’t the moderators do such and such”.

Posting Etiquette

1) You should consider that you share this forum with others. Help safe-guard the reputation of all professionals in South Korea.
2) Also, try to ensure that you’re posting threads that are relevant to each forum.
3) Posts will be moved to another forum if they’re in the wrong forum. Political threads can be in the general forum if they pertain to Korea.
4) Hit the submit button once, if the site is slow, as your post will still go through.

Posting Guidelines (The TOS in detail)

[Posters must post responsibly]
1.This is a responsible speech posting site. It is not a free speech site. One must follow the guidelines set by the administrator and moderators.

[Some cases where posts may be locked]

2. If the thread is inappropriate for the board, it will be locked. Don’t re-post a thread if it was locked. If a post has been locked for any reason, don't re-post it.

3. If the thread is flame bait, it will be either locked, split, or removed without notice. Those flaming other uses may face sanctions.

4. If the thread turns from serious discussion into a chat room the thread may be locked or removed without notice. Users are encouraged to use the PM function for chatting.

5. If a thread has run its course, and the same arguments keep on being brought up, it may be locked.

6. If the thread is frivolous or redundant, it may be locked or removed without notice.

7. If the thread is spam it may be locked or removed without notice.

8. Members have every right to enjoy a safe and cordial environment for discussion without being harassed. Those guilty of that may face immediate sanctions.

9.Purposely trolling and bumping old threads violate the TOS.

[Conduct vis-à-vis the moderators and Dave]

10. Moderators want a clean board. Moderator decisions are not up for discussion, especially in public.

11.Publicly attacking moderators for the performance of their duties will result in a locked or deleted post, and user may be sanctioned. If you have a question, send us a PM.

[Conduct during a temporary ban.]

12.If you received a temporary (2 week or 4 week) ban, you are not to engage in a debate over it with the moderators.

[Courtesy PMs from the moderators.]

13. Moderators are not required to PM you if they remove your thread. They may send you a courtesy PM if they have the time.

14. Questions/concerns/comments regarding the administration and/or moderation of these forums are to be addressed in either Private Message to the moderators or in an email to The moderators will endeavor to reply to all Private Messages in a timely manner but users should not expect an immediate reply and your patience and understanding is requested. Threads concerning the administration and moderation of these forums will, be locked or removed without notice.

15.If you have a question regarding a post, give us as much information as possible when sending us a PM. Don’t send us messages asking why someone was banned.

[What is the permitted length of articles?]

16. Don't post articles longer than 300 words. Be concise and courteous.

[What are acceptable avatars?]

17. A)Avatars are to be no larger than 100-200 pixels on a side (slight increase) . They must not attempt to portray the user as having an official status here (e.g. mimicking ranks or copying avatars of mod team members). Avatars that are racist, violent, sexist, use the likeness of other users won’t be accepted.

B)What kind of avatar violates the TOS is not open to public discussion. A user has up to 24 hours to change their avatar after receiving a message from a moderator.

[No profanity.]

18. Posts that contain attempts to bypass the obscenity filter may be removed without notice. Repeated instances of this from a particular user may result in moderator sanctions.

[Respecting other groups.]

19.New Addition: Dave's ESL Cafe is a place where users show respect for different cultures, religions, races, and those of a different gender, etc... Those who don’t respect may lose their accounts or be banned for a period of time.

[Using a thread as a platform to bash religions]

20.Religious discussions are unacceptable. However, looking for members of your faith or certain temples is acceptable. Those starting a religious discussion when people make those queries are violating the TOS.

21.If a moderator has edited your post and wrote [Mod Edit] then it’s on par with receiving a warning.

[Signing up with acceptable usernames]

22. You must only sign up with usernames that are not verbally or racially offensive.

[Serious violations of the TOS]

23.Serious violations of the TOS including vulgar, explicit language may result in either a PM, temporary ban, or a permanent ban. It depends on the severity of the violation. You could have your IP address/addresses blocked if you have been banned permanently.

[Buying and selling forum rules.]

24. Threads older than one month in the non-Korea threads ("off-topic" and "current events", and "Buy/Sell/Trade" in particular) may be deleted. Obsolete and time-sensitive threads in the other forums may also be deleted where the moderators feel this is appropriate.

[Posting job vacancies is not acceptable.]

25. No job vacancies, or job wanted posts may be posted on this board. This includes requests for temporary replacements. Jobs may be advertised only on the Korean Job Board. Please post any messages looking for work in the “Post Your Resume Section” of the site. Any posts that recruit for jobs or solicit work on these forums will be deleted.

[Ignoring warnings from moderators]

26. Ignoring warnings from moderators and/or attacking them may result in a permanent ban.

[Private tutoring and second jobs]

27.We believe in the rule of law, so we are not for the promotion of illegal activities in the country. Only instructors with F visas can discuss private tutoring. Posts discussing privates for E-2 visas will be removed. Posts encouraging people to violate the law violate the TOS.

[The Privacy of users is to be respected]

28. Users may not post personal/private information belonging to persons other than the user without the consent of the person in question. Such consent may not be presumed; it must be expressly obtained and reproduced in the posted message.

For the purposes of this rule, "personal/private information" shall be deemed to include, but shall not be limited to, the following:
• Real names
• Telephone numbers
• Addresses (physical or email)
• Personal communications (e.g., email messages, instant message logs, etc.)
The final decision on what constitutes personal/private information in a particular case rests with Dave Sperling and/or the forum moderators.

At a minimum, messages that contain personal/private information posted without the consent of the owner(s) will be removed. Violators may be banned.

[The use of socks on the forum]

29. While having socks is not against the TOS, users should not shill one of their socks for another (pretend to be two different users).

[Breaking the page in a thread, entire posts in huge font]

30.This has been rarely seen, but stretching meaningless text which distorts the look of a page i.e. breaks it is a TOS violation. Posting a post entirely in huge font renders a post an eye-sore and is a TOS violation.

[The expected conduct of former moderators]

31.Former moderators are to keep moderator discussions confidential, and also to not chastise current moderators publicly. Politely PM moderators if you have any questions.

32(Special Note***) No TOS will ever incorporate all potential situations we may encounter. As a result, the administrator and moderators have the right to take any action they deem appropriate regardless of whether or not it is stated in the TOS.

33.Do not Post posts that are frivolous just to up your count.

34. Do not post threads advocating the use of illegal substances (or where to get them).

35. Moderators are not required to explain their actions or why someone was banned.
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