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Offered position @ ESS in Nampo-Dong, Busan

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Joined: 28 Apr 2003

PostPosted: Fri May 09, 2003 6:59 am    Post subject: Offered position @ ESS in Nampo-Dong, Busan Reply with quote

Hi Very Happy

I've been offered a position as a Pre-ECO english teacher for the above hagwon establishment and wanted to know if anyone here has had any experience working at this position?

The shifts are split from 7-12 and again at 6-9 in the evening. Are these shifts brutal or does one eventually get used to them?

Also, it seems I would be paying rent for the first 3 months there for a total of 180 k won and termed as "housing deposit". Would I eventually receive this amount back? Anyway to get around the rent issue?

Any feedback/comments would be greatly appreciated~!

or you can email them to [email protected]
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The Den

Joined: 26 Jan 2003

PostPosted: Fri May 09, 2003 7:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi, I worked at ESS in 97/98. It was a pretty good job. The splits are brutal but on the other hand it allows you time to do stuff in the afternoon in Nampo dong. ALso it is right downtown so it is easy to access. I found most of the students there to be hardworking individuals although I did run into one or two prix. I understand the owner passed away a couple of years ago. His son runs the business now. Ted is his name. He was not much of a manager when I was there. Also there was always this other guy named Mr. Han hanging around with him. It was kind of weird. Anyway I could tell you lots of ESS stories. The teacher's room was just one of the many stories. I was among the first staff to work in their present location. Before they used to be in a bank building up the street by the American Consulate. Anyway when we were in the old building the ECO program had their own spacious airconditioned room. When we moved to the new building they shafted us and gave us the smallest room with tiny little lockers. I used to use two of them to store my stuff.

I had a positive experience with these guys but not everyone has. If you are willing to toe the line and do what is asked such as be well prepared, not late for work, not causing trouble generally be a good employee you should have no problem. I do know of people who have done midnight runs. I did have a couple of crappy roomates. The apartments in Young-do are tiny and it was about a half hour bus ride to work in the morning. I guess after reading all this you may not want to take the job. I had three contracts when I was in Korea and ESS was by far the best. They paid on time, there was never any question of severance, and airfare. Also, the best part about ESS was that when the economy crashed in 97 and IMF had to bail out the Koreans, ESS gave us extra money. We were able to negotiate a deal. For a few paychecks I was getting about 1.8 which was 600 000 Won more than what my contract called for. At that time 1.2 million Won was the going rate.

As far as the rent thing goes they do it to save on some tax thing. I don't remember all the details but when it was explained to me it made sense. I don"t rememeber if we got the money back. By the way are you Korean American? Is the Pre-ECO program taught by a bilingual person. If so they had the same kind of system when I was there. The guy they had teaching it at the time was pretty good actually. He did complain a few times that ECO teachers seemed to have it better though. Anyway those are my thoughts on the issue. I am returning to Pusan in July for 1 year and I am planning to drop by ESS. So I may run into you.

One more thing. Based on my previous experience I would work for these guys again.
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Joined: 28 Apr 2003

PostPosted: Sat May 10, 2003 1:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey The Den,

Yes, I am Korean-American. Are u taking another teaching gig in Pusan or just coming to visit ?

I have a few other questions I wanted to ask you about ESS.

1) To have a positive working experience at ESS, will I have to basically become ESS' personal dancing monkey ready and willing to take on any task/duty at hand?

2) If we are only required to teach 6 50-minute classes within the split shift time period of a total of 8 hrs, what other duties will we be doing within these 8 yrs we are present at the school?

3) How nice are the apartments in Young-do? What are my odds in getting a single? Are these rooms furnished with tvs, beds and other bare essentials?

Your feedback is very helpful and makes me consider ESS as a reputable hagwon to work at. However, your tenure at ESS is somewhat out-dated and leads me to think that all these positive notes could have changed after you have left. My girlfriend who lives in Pusan has told me that ESS is a great school to work at. I'm just a paranoid android.

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