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Excellent translations of Hankoryeh articles & columns
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Canadian Teacher

Joined: 22 Jan 2003

PostPosted: Thu Jun 12, 2003 11:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Korea Herald was sold in 1999 to Ms Lee Kyung-hee. Ms Lee spent much of her life making a ton of money in America but came back to the motherland.

The original reason for her to buy the paper was to get a foot in the hagwan market, the Herald having a big one is Seoul. She then found out that many Korean English teachers and students were using the Herald for study purposes. Ms Lee then decided to become editor-in-chief.

All the former editors and columnists were fired without notice and replaced with her people, she being the Big Cheese. Then she decided to jump on the hate foreigner band-wagon (oops, hate Americans but in Korean eyes it is one and the same) which really made me ill because she made all her money in the states opressing her fellow Koreans in sweatshops to begin with.

And Trinny, please correcty me if I have any facts wrong.

Her first attempts are "journalism" were haphazard but last year she really found her calling in the hyjinks that we all know too well. She also lifts material directly off Hankoryeh and translates it. I am actually happy that such racist drivel is in the Korean-English media as it shows what is going on.

However, she is NOT making money. She is losing it hand over fist. I subscribed to the Herald for years mostly because it had a decent crossword puzzle. Now I adamantly refuse to pay the W600 for it. It is too expensive to wrap fish in. I would not use it for toilet paper. Because Ms Lee is rapidly spending her cash running her social activist rag, she has to resort to taking big spreads from deathmongers like British American Tobacco.

This woman is a real piece of work. She has a login system to retrieve old articles now to try to pervent guys like Gerry Bevers Robert Koehler from quoting her absurdly amateurish drivel and recently tried to get people to PAY to read the ONLINE edtion, her so called "Preimum Service." She has threated Gerry with law suits if he uses any of her material to which Gerry is reported to have replied in his genteel Gerry stile "Puck you."

Her hagwans are now almost dead as nobody ever lasts more than three months for her because she is such an overbearing racist hog.

I watch the Korean media closely. The new director of KBS is the former column editor of the Hankoryeh, about a commie as it comes. He has pledged to make KBS more informative and will replace entertaimment with more political comment and education. I am sure that will be popular. It is amazing how much pull these pinkos have when you consider that Hankoryeh only prints about 300,000 copies a day vs 10 MILLION for the Chosun Ilbo. Korean Kommies can talk about online news all they want but it is still print adverting that pays the freight.

Korea is the place where those who scream loudest get the headlines and think they set the national agenda. The big 3 still control most of the market and most of the people who sit down and read a newspaper. This is a problem with Rohsamo who think that only the Hankoryeh and Ohmylies should be allowed to report Comrade Roh's toughts. Their solution? Picket them, harrass them and try to shut them down.

It could go on for hours on this but I feel like I am going to hurl.
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The Lemon

Joined: 11 Jan 2003

PostPosted: Thu Jun 12, 2003 11:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

CT- thanks for that. Interesting story.
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