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BRYS--check out the job info journal

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Joined: 28 Jan 2003
Location: Retired

PostPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2003 6:11 am    Post subject: BRYS--check out the job info journal Reply with quote

Well BRYS is at it again. If anybody has checked out the job information journal, they will see a post about BRYS being a wonderful place to work at. They will also if they are observent will notice that this supposed teacher did not post his name or e-mail address. Hmm, methinks the director is trying to recruit teachers there. Be warned beforehand, check out the blacklists. At least ten teachers (both Korean and foreigners) have had bad experiences there. When even Korean teachers start posting on this board saying its a bad place, you know something's not right. I worked there myself. Working on Saturdays and being cheated on airfare and pay were just some of the many "joys" of working for this man.
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Lost Seoul

Joined: 10 Jan 2003

PostPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2003 7:52 am    Post subject: BRYS and Bryan Kang Reply with quote

Here are some previous posts about Bryan Kang hagwon recruiter and director of BRYS Language Institute. The below sites are of interest too.

Re: Stary away from...
Posted By: Extreme_Anabolic
Date: Friday, 15 March 2002, at 9:56 p.m.

I worked for Bryan Kang one year. He got one of the teachers at his school to recruit a teacher for one of his friends. Turns out the teacher had a disability. The director refused to hire him, and also refused to pay Kang the airfare. So Kang took the airfare out of the teacher's paycheck (the one who did the recruiting.) I would stay far away from this person.

Stay away from this man
Posted By: Diploma
Date: Friday, 17 May 2002, at 8:04 p.m.

After I blacklisted Bryan Kang of Lecture Korea and BRYS, a teacher I mentioned left. Mr. Kang called a friend of teacher X on a Sunday night at midnight and said, "Where's teacher X." You would think that Mr. Kang would figure it out when I appealed to him a couple of times to get his act together before I blacklisted him. You would think he would sober up after being blacklisted. After teacher X did the midnight run, did he sit down and ask himself, "What am I doing wrong that one of my teachers would run away from me?" Apparently not. After he left, Teacher X got an email from another one of Mr. Kang's teachers. Teacher Y finished her contract with Mr. Kang, applied elsewhere, and was offered the position, only to be told that her visa was being held up. A Korean friend checked with Immigration and discovered that Mr. Kang is at it again. 4 teachers and 2 recruiters. But I keep thinking that he's going to figure it out. He's much more savvy than your average recruiter. After speaking with him for only a few minutes, it was obvious that he knew exactly what he was doing. If you want to get to Korea, he's your man. This is assuming he's still recruiting. He told teacher X he wasn't doing any recruiting. After hearing this, I called him and asked if it was true. He told me he was still recruiting. So where were his ads? I keep hoping for Mr. Kang. But maybe not.

Re: Stay away from this man
Posted By: Higher Education
Date: Sunday, 19 May 2002, at 4:34 a.m.

In Response To: Stay away from this man (Diploma)

True, if you want to get to Korea, he is your man. However, the problem comes when you want to work somewhere else. He blacklists you with immigration and generally makes your life more difficult. With so many recruiters out there, do you really want to place your future in the hands of this man?

Re: Stay away from this man
Posted By: Hit Too
Date: Saturday, 25 May 2002, at 3:21 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Stay away from this man (Higher Education)

I too was s______ by Bryan Kang a few years ago. I thought he might have changed but I can see that he has not. He ripped me off for thousands of dollars by firing me 9, yes 9 days days before my contract was fulfilled. I hate the fact that he kept telling me how he was a Christian. Yeah, right! Please do not take a job with this man, he is bad news.
BRYS and Bryan Kang - I was wrong
Posted By: mistaken
Date: Tuesday, 13 August 2002, at 4:20 a.m.

In Response To: Re: recruiter - Bryan Kang (Kiss It (__X__))

I was thinking about getting on the message board to say, "I was wrong about Mr. Kang." But I hadn't checked Dave's in a while and wasn't sure if anyone was still interested. What do I see but Kiss X using the blacklists I compiled about BRYS and Mr. Kang as a statement about recruiters. I thought that maybe he was a little shady but that surely I could bring him around. I believed in this man. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, and every chance. I was wrong, terribly wrong. It appears that he's burned everyone who's ever worked for him. His recruiting site, by the way,, was down last I saw. In his heyday as a recruiter, he was making a staggering amount of money. So don't feel sorry for him if he gets driven out of hagwon business. Not if he gets written up on the front page of the Korean Herald and becomes the scurge of all Korea. If you're interested in the figure for his recruiting income, he claims I'm the only one he ever told.

Re: BRYS: latest
Posted By: judge for yourself
Date: Wednesday, 4 September 2002, at 9:39 p.m.

In Response To: Re: BRYS: latest (The Magpie)

He told me that the school he was sending me to was the 6th largest in Daejon and that his is number 7. But he also told me that he was willing to pick someone up at the airport for one of his "good friends." Since he drove all the way to Seoul and back on a Sunday night, I believed it. But my directors told me, "No, he's not our friend. He's just a recruiter." Of course, he also told me that he was still recruiting. But he told one of his other recruiters that he was out of recruiting and that he wasn't even answering his recruiting emails; and his recruiting site went down several weeks later. He also told me that he had never lost a teacher, "except for those 2 guys from Australia." Mr. Kang is the only one who knows what's going on behind the scenes. All we can do is evaluate the situation based on reports from former teachers and recruiters. And all of them have spoken of him in the most scathing manner. It was almost exactly a year ago that he signed me up. Then I was his biggest admirer. The situation went downhill in fairly short order. Today, I'm his biggest detracter. But I've got a lot of competition on that count, don't I. If you want the uncensored version, or if you want to add your experience or comments, try these:
[email protected]


BRYS- We received some wonderful news today. BRYS Foreign Language Institute of Taejon, South Korea has been blacklisted by the International TESOL group. BRYS Foreign Language Institute has interfered with teachers in obtaining their E-2 work visas and as a result has been put on their list of schools not to work for. Under no circumstances should any members of the TESOL group enage in any employment activitities with this institute.

Mad Hagwan Disease is alive and well in South Korea. Its most recent casualty is BRYS Foreign Langauge Institute of Taejon. BRYS is located in the tabang-ridden district of Jong-lim-dong just a stones through from the brothels of Seogu.

Much like the African guines worm which protrudes its head through the skin of its helpless victime, the same can be said for the Director of BRYS, Bryan Kang. Inchan Kang or Bryan which is his alias, spent sixteen years in the United States where he worked in the laundry business as well as the car leasing business.

After a lengthy indictment with the I.R.S. for tax evasion, Kang's U.S. citizenship was revoked. Kang quicly liquidated his assets and beat a hasty retreat back to his native Korea where he remains to this day.

I knew almost from the start that there was something rotten with the kimchi at BRYS. Five Korean teachers left without warning and two British teachers were sold into indentured servistude to other Hagwan owners. This was standard procedure by Kang in order to swindle Foreign teachers out of their bonus and their return airfare. Are you catching my drift? Are you laughing now Kang?

There were numerous violations of the Korean Labour Code committed at BRYS and lies, deceit and corruption were the order of the day. Kang would pretend that the students parents would call in to complain about the methodologies of certain Foreign teachers. Upon asking the Korean teacher who allegedly took the call if this was true, she irrevocbaly denied it and infomred that such a call never occurred. Further revalations soon followed. Foreign teachers were reprimanded at great length for things such as leaving a pencil in a classroom. This was a heinous crime at BRYS!

The accomodations were absolutely horrendous and would make the pigpen character from Charlie Brown blush with shame. One colleague of mine was given a dungeon-like apartment that resembled a burned-out rats nest. There was a fungus in the air vents that caused him to contract Pneumonia and he was hospitalized for a week. He had to pay all of hid medical expenses since there was no medical insurance provided at BRYS.

He even attempted to persuade a lady Korean teacher to move into the Foreign teachers apartment in order to spy on us. When she refused, she was immediatly sold to another Hagwan owner. Other spies consisted on the security guards whose office was directly across from the teachers residence. They were bribed in order to report our comings and goings to the Director.

Other instances of irregularites were late pay. He would often pay us late and he would fudge the books in order to swindle us out our hard-earned money. Once when I asked him if I would be payed, he indicated that the money was already deposited and it would cost him 600 won (50 cents US) to withdraw it. What a cheapskate?

In conclusion, we can clearly see that the following symptoms of medical illness exist: rigidity of personality, delusions of persecution, a mania for perfection and a feeling that he is always in the right? What form of personality illness is this called by the professional experts? A paranoid personality.
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