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My Thrilling Experiences in USA (1): An Ominous Beginning

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2007 11:04 pm    Post subject: My Thrilling Experiences in USA (1): An Ominous Beginning Reply with quote

(1) An Ominous Beginning

One day in December of 1992, a depressing voice of the stewardess suddenly sounded in the broadcast of flight UL205 to Wichita city.
“Ladies and gentlemen, I am so sorry to inform you all we have to head to and land on Kansas airport, because an extremely heavy snowstorm blocked Wichita airport .” The air in cabinet immediately became frozen.
“Damn it! Why such a misfortune happened to me in my first trip to USA” a deadly sigh was coming from my friend Mr. Huang on my left.
“What a changeable weather of America! It was all right a moment ago when we took off in Denver.” The condemnation came from another friend, Mr. Shu on my right.
Yes, with blue sky and warm sunshine, the weather was very nice, when we boarded in Denver. However, after less than two hours, the sudden blizzards happened in middle area and were shown on TV scene, which disturbed us a lot.
“ The Wichita Airport has been shut down due to the blizzard!” A rumor was ominously spreading out in cabinet before the broadcast.
Sure enough, it was confirmed by the air-lady’s formal announcement now! Encountered such danger, how could we free from the anxiety!
After a while, the loudspeaker sounded again. ”…… For same reason, we have to head to Houston Airport.” This announcement bitterly disturbed us even more.
Things went wrong from worse to worst.
“There isn’t sufficient fuel to Houston!” Another thrilling hearsay was spreading out everywhere, which had frozen our hearts and arose another tide of noises and sighs again. Some women and children were even screaming out.

“ It seems to be more likely I’ll lose my 75KG body* here!” one of my friend sadly said.
Needless to say, we all were full of the deadly sadness and depression.
In the mean time, the ground-service people together with military army who were hastily deployed to Kansas Airport were fiercely struggling against the disaster. They were using dozen of scrapers to figure out a narrow runway.
As the snowstorm was too heavy, some mobile boilers and salt spreaders had to use to move away the falling sleets in clusters.
With their persistence and hard work, a landing environment had been created dynamically and successfully.

This excellent news was immediately broadcasted and brought tremendous happiness to us.
Firstly, when the voice sounded again, the compartment was completely silent, then, after the news releasing, a hail of delightful exclamation was suddenly burst out.
“My God!” My heavens!” after long breathes; all sort of surprises and excitements were let out.
“Thank my lucky stars!” “Thanks to Marx’s protection!” constant cheers were coming from my both sides. My friends, Mr. Huang and Mr. Shu recovered from the nearly collapsed minds. We all failed to conceal our excitement and were fiercely shaking our hands in tears to celebrate our survival.

In this way, after several frights and surprises, we finally arrived at Kansas Airport.
“Hello! Mr. Li” a young man with strong figure and dense black hair appeared at the exit and cheerfully greeted to me.
“Hello, Xiao Tan! I am so happy to be able to see you again! We were within a hair's breadth of losing our life a moment ago.” I said with a harsh slap on his arm.
“Yes, I knew it well and shared same anxiety with you.” He replied.
“Oh, let me introduce two new friends to you. This is Mr. Huang, the director of Jiangxi Foreign Affair Office.” He immediately approached to Mr. Huang and shook his hands.
“ This is Mr. Shu, the chief engineer of the Provincial Drilling Equipments Manufacturing Co.”
“Hello, Mr. Shun! Nice to meet you” Xiao Tan also came to him and shook his hands.
“Mr Huang and Mr. Shu, this is Xiao Tan with formal Chinese name of Tan Xiao Sha. He comes from our Yun Nan province. Now, he is appointed to be our partner, Mr. John Shark’s assistant serving as subject manager in our cooperation project.” I introduced Xiao Tian to them.

“ So nice to meet you!” They all shook hands again and again.
I fully understood, it was a kind of special expression not only for the relaxation of free from a fatal crisis, but also for longing a successful cooperation.

( To be continued)
Practice made every effort perfect
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 21, 2007 11:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey! You should just be happy that you didn't have to fly into Denver airport in a storm. Your flight was a "piece of cake" comparably.


Keep writing.

�Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.�
--Dr. Seuss
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