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Is humanity mature for Universal religion?
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 02, 2009 10:40 pm    Post subject: SCIENCE DISCOVERS RELIGION Reply with quote

'Attribute'of existence is the only essential and permanent religion for all entities.It is the tendency of free energy in a given environment to get fettered to a unique location,&/or structure,&/or behaviour.'Human Religions' arose when the mind tumbled in to'choas'essential for freewill,and reacted to get located,&/or behaved, &/or structured predictably.Therefore religious and sociopolitical philosophies tended to become fundamentalistic,fetteristic,rigid, fascist,blind,certainistic,involuntary,ritualistic and a uniquely prejudiced fetish of man.Such force identified order,but like other entities of creation the permanence of attributes of 'human religion' was illusion.Because acceleratingly expanding cosmos prevented immutable existence. Untransformable entities became history and the rest mutated to the future. Intermingling chaos and order quantize existence, and people gravitated to their religions past quanta of 'becoming',conceiving the doctrines of their upbringing as immutable dogmas.They violently opposed the motion of the universe from mutating their religion to a future quanta of existence. Religion occurs from change required for future survival. Involuntary religion is focused by the motile universe inside and outside body as'will'.'Freewill' exists whenever gravity of the process of 'will' is reduced letting discovery of alternate'wills'. When chaos induces 'freewill' in the mind,then other orders and innovations are seen which may be more useful than the present for our survival.Chaos exists in all the minds which 'better' existence by choosing better orders and inventions for mankind.Messengers of new religious and/or sociopolitical orders were created as a reaction to the terrorism of the old orders. Intentionally inflicting pain and/or death and/or disruption for forcible establishment or growth or survival of one's beliefs is terrorism.Forcing religious order through terrorism typified Islamic terrorism.Social terrorism was typified by Maoist naxalites.Nationalism and regionalism was Political terrorism.Terrorism was a part and parcel of human sociopolitical, religious and ethnic development.Highly motivated and disciplined individuals fascist for a particular belief tend to commit acts of terrorism. All religions acted by creating prejudiced orders for leading life and understanding the cosmos.Prejudices were necessary to form an operating system for the mind which sieved out order from an infinite and fatally random universe. Irrespective of the type of prejudices whether idolatry or revealed books or any other, benefits for the faithful were equal.The cavemen prejudicingly drew pictures of a successful hunt on selected spots of cave walls and special stones inside deep,dark,narrow crevices of difficult to reach caves.This gave them confidence, concentration, motivation and discipline for big dangerous hunts 40 millennia ago.Intermingling of chaos with order makes this cosmos and increases diversity of entities with their novel religions.To be free of sociopolitical and religious terrorism everyone should have similar sociopolitical and religious beliefs. Man is the sole God at this point of time and space because no one has travelled from the future or past or any other part of the universe to guide or rule us.God is destiny of man because practically intelligent life exists only on Earth.It is high time that we reject all revealed religions and propounded sociopolitical philosophies other than the philosophy of sacredness of existence and growth of life.Religion of the entity life is not only to exist but also to extend it's existence in spacetime.40 millennia ago,groups of us began spreading from Africa to other places.Reproductive isolation's for many generations moulded our phenotypes to our respective climatic experiences. Differences resulted from changed frequencies of common genes but new genes from DNA mutations were insufficient for speciation.Given sufficient number of generations with climatic and breeding isolation's,any two groups selected randomly are capable of interbreeding and producing all our varieties.Our interpopulational genetic differences are insignificant as compared to intrapopulational genetic differences.Thus amount of genetic identity between two persons selected randomly from any two places on earth is almost constant. Accelerated fusion of previously isolated populations is mixing the existing genetic and cultural diversity producing newer forms.Hybrid vigour is a well established scientific fact.Formation and intermingling of races is an essential natural phenomenon which protects a species from getting extinct due to continuous changes in its environment. Morals are codes of behaviour required for an individual living unit of a living organisation essential for survival &/or growth of the living organisation of which the individual living unit is a member.When a predator chases a deer for predation, it by definition of terrorism ( Intentionally inflicting pain and/or death and/or disruption for forcible establishment or growth or survival of one's beliefs(existence) is terrorism.) is terrorising the deer but morally the predator is right.It would be immoral for the predator not to hunt as by doing so it will cause a dis balance in the ecosystem of the jungle leading to it's destruction by overpopulated deers.Except man all other animals in general are almost absolutely moral at present as their moralities are genetically predetermined. The capacity of freewill in man gives him the capacity of being immoral. When a person fuses his self with that of the whole humanity (which itself is part of the biosphere) & behaves accordingly for the survival &/or growth of all humanity then he behaves morally. Adoption of such a morality by all men is an essential step for the evolution of the 'human god'. Individual human beings are living units which are required to organize themselves through morally right interactions for the development of the 'Human God'.People elect governments which promise more money in their hands to spend.In other words governments are forced by the people to cause inflation.People require money for growth of their existence through developing human babies,increasing their activities through machines and tools and extension in space eg. by acquiring new land & constructing new dwellings.But whenever inflation occurred it was invariably followed by a depression or deflation with loss of jobs.When jobs were lost the losers tended to diversify into new functions becoming elements of novel economic entities.Historically inflation of immense energy deflated in to elementary particles.The inflating clouds of elementary particles deflated into clouds of hydrogen atoms.Expanding Hydrogen clouds deflated into galaxies of superstars which through a further series of contractions & explosions (nova's) produced elements of the periodic table.The inflating cosmic dust from nova’s was contracted to form earth.The diversification of the original mass into newer entities of existence continued on earth because the earth went through a series of hot's(inflation's) and cools(depressions).The living systems were formed which diversified quickly into newer forms whenever their was a depression (i.e cooling) and inflated to huge populations during warmer periods on earth.Depression was therefore obligatory for differentiation or diversification and inflation was obligatory for growth and both the actions were necessary for each other.Inflationary activities of man have now come to a critical point because of globalization of economy.When a company faces monetary (energy) shortage the safest way for it to survive is first to cut down extravagant activities and then to cut down salaries and jobs of human employees because human resources can be regenerated quickly on return of good times.The nonhuman resources such as land, building and machines are very difficult to regenerate and so if they are lost the company dies.Consumption surplus money saved by people or taxed from them is collected by institutions and provided for enterprises which build infrastructure substratum to culture the increasing human resource.But the amount of energy convertible into money per day on earth is limited by factors such as the amount of received sunlight( limiting photosynthesis & hydroelectricity),amount of extracted fossil fuels per day & the amount of nuclear energy produced per day.When we feed our enterprises false money (overdrafts not based on real collection base) at a rate more than we are obtaining from nature then we head for depression & are liable to continue loosing jobs.
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