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A Love Story

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Joined: 15 Feb 2011
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Location: Urmqi,Xinjiang,China

PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2011 10:36 pm    Post subject: A Love Story Reply with quote

He is a dumb boy, who is kind and honest; she is the girlfriend of a young entrepreneur, who is elegant and composed. Originally, they won ’ t get together all their lives,however,one day, it would be his destiny to meet her……

In the sunny morning, a figure in the distance appeared on the sidewalk, he was running in great haste, it seemed to be in a hurry to work. A girl fashionably dress ed , was ambling along by the roadside, with a pile of papers under her arm. The crossroads, like all the beautiful fairy tales, became the place where they would meet each other. He was in such a hurry that he dash ed into her. In a flash, he turned round; she was stupefied to look at him. P apers fell to the ground. He bent down quickly to help her pick up the papers with a look of shame, and she just complained about his carelessness,〝Why do you run in a hurry? It is dangerous, do you know? 〞He looked at her in silence. She was very angry,〝Don ’ t you say sorry? Aren’t you dumb? It is impolite!〞He just gazed at her with a sad look, and put up his hands, then put them down, turned about and went away. She cried in a huff,〝Hey,are you really dumb? An impolite person! 〞He stopped for a few seconds, and cleared off.

Then a man in a suit came to her, looking at the back view of the boy, and asked the girl,〝 Who is he? 〞〝 An impolite guy ! 〞 She replied. The man was just her boyfriend called Xiezhi , who was a young entrepreneur. He said to the girl,〝Zixuan,hurry up! I will hold a meeting after we see the film.〞 The girl suddenly pulled a face, 〝You have agreed that you would accompany me all the day, haven’t you?〞〝But the meeting is very important! I am sorry!〞said Xiezhi.Zixuan only thought aloud, 〝When will you listen to my words carefully?〞

It was as fine a day as yesterday.Zixuan came in a disc shop to buy a DVD disc. She saw him again, when she was looking for the DVD disc.〝It is bad luck! He may be a shop assistant here.〞Zixuan thought in this way. To her surprise, she saw him talking to another shop assistant in sign language. It shocked her deeply at once.〝As a matter of fact, I misunderstood him yesterday, and h e is dumb ! Oh, my god! I said too many hot words to him yesterday. It was impolite!〞Zixuan began to blame herself,〝 I must apologize to him.〞So she came to the counter, and said to the boy,〝Hey, I am sorry! I didn ’ t know you were……〞The boy looked up, and glanced at her in an icy manner, continued his work.Zixuan thought ashamedly,〝He must be angry and sad. I am really a fool ! 〞〝He is a dumb man, his name is Renfu.He had got an aphasia in his childhood. You can call him Afu!〞 another shop assistant called Mengzhe told her, then turned around and asked the boy with a mysterious smile, 〝Afu,do you know her?〞The boy gave a smile with indifference, and bowed his head to work again.Zixuan looked at him and hurried,〝Aren ’ t you willing to forgive me? I am sorry that something happened yesterday, but I didn ’ t know really…… 〞Renfu looked up again, and put up his hands, then put down them. He gazed at her, and turned about to take out a pen and notebook, wrote down on it,〝It doesn ’ t matter! I am ok!〞Zixuan saw his handwriting and smiled, she looked up and saw his distant look, and said,〝Oh,I must be going! I will see you again another day. Bye bye!〞Then Renfu stopped working to gaze at her back with a big smile……

Day after day , it was sunny day again , fits of breeze was blowing , and the leaves uttered the tender sound. Everything seemed to be perfect.Renfu was working at the disc shop as usual. Then a familiar face cropped up , Zixuan pushed the door open and went in. She smiled at him and came to him.Renfu avoided seeing her , and continue to work.Zixuan greeted him by shouting friendly,〝 Hello! Nice to meet you,Afu!〞then shook hands with him,〝My name is Fang Zixuan,may I make friends with you?〞Renfu was in a daze, and shook off her hands in the subconscious mind. He smiled at her, and lowered his head shyly. After a moment silence,Zixuan broke the ice, and spoke to Renfu,〝Oh, I heard of some new films, can you help me recommend some?〞Renfu gave her a smile, and pulled out a disc from the shelf, told her in sign language,〝This is the most popular film this month, you can try it! 〞To his surprise,Zixuan knew his mean ing , and answered him,〝Do you like this film? I have seen this film, and I like it very much ! 〞They talked to each other in happiness in this way.

Gradually, they became friends.Renfu felt that getting along with Zixuan was the exciting thing. One day , Zixuan answered the phone from Xiezhi when she was talking to Renfu.In fact , X iezhi and Zixuan had an appointment to have lunch together. Now Xiezhi rang her and told her that he could not keep their appointment for an emergency. After ringing off , Zixuan gave him a reluctant smile.Renfu asked her in writing, 〝Is that your boyfriend?〞Zixuan nodded sadly, then ran out.Renfu followed her, and saw her sitting on the stairs with a sob.Renfu gave her a strip of handkerchief, sat down by her side in silence.Zixuan asked sadly, 〝We have been together for seven years,however,he has never listened to my words, isn’t it so difficult to listen to me?〞Renfu watched her sadly, but he shook the head, said by hands,〝 No, I am willing to listen to you, you can talk to me, and I will lend an ear to your words in patience.〞Zixuan knew his mean ing , and smiled at him,〝I think that I will learn the sign language, it will be convenient to talk for us.〞 Renfu smiled and talked to her by hands,〝But it is very hard to learn.〞 Zixuan was unable to understand him this time, and shook her head all along.Renfu repeated again, but failed. Then Renfu said by hands,〝I will go back to the shop.〞 Zixuan replied with a sweet smile,〝You mean you will go back?〞 Renfu nodded hard,〝It is great!〞 They smiled together; the air was full of happiness.

Owing to the clash in personality , Zixuan and Xiezhi had to break up. During those days , Renfu kept together with her all along.Little by little, they knew each other well. There was the ambiguous love between them gradually.

However, an unimaginable thing happened one day. A man came in when Renfu was tidying up the discs on the shelves. The man asked for a DVD disc, but it had been lent for two days.Renfu wanted to explain it to him with all efforts, but the man did not understand the sign language. In the end, the man lost patience, and shouted aloud to Renfu,〝A dumb guy, you must give me an explanation today, or else I will hit you!〞Renfu hurried, but he was powerless to talk to him. The man was annoyed, and began to throw off the discs on the shelves. At the same time,Zixuan came in, and shouted to the man,〝Don ’ t you have some sympathy? He is sad enough for the defect in physiology. Why do you treat him in this way?〞Renfu heard her words, and thought,〝Oh,in fact, she has been taking pity on me all along. It is not love!〞 The man went away with annoyance.Renfu glanced at Zixuan with a sad look, and wane away from her slowly. Then Zixuan realized that her words had deeply hurt Renfu,but it was too late……

After a few days,Renfu received a SMS from Zixuan, 〝Can you go out to the park? I have a lot of words to tell you, I will wait for you!〞With a pale smile , Renfu ran to the park at once.

It was sunlit as before, the air was brimming with the perfume of all kinds of flowers. A pretty girl was sitting on the bench; she seemed to wait for somebody. Yes, that was Zixuan.She did not know how to say sorry to Renfu about something happened that day. She was seizing the hair in anxiety, said to her self again and again.Renfu came to her with a smile sitting by her side. After a moment silence,Zixuan started to say,〝Afu,I am sorry for hurting you, but I did not say that on purpose that day…… 〞 Renfu looked at her with deep sorrow, broke in on her by hands,〝Never say it!〞Zixuan did not understand him, and continued ,〝I am very sorry……〞Renfu broke in on her again, asked by hands,〝Do you think that I am a pitiful guy? Needn’t I your protection like this ? 〞Zixuan didn ’ t know what he showed, and hurried,〝Afu, I don ’ t know your meaning, can you write it down on the paper?〞Renfu was angrier, and looked at her sadly with writing down,〝I needn ’ t really the compassion.〞and strode away.Zixuan saw his back sadly, tears streamed down her face……

The next day,Zixuan was in a hurry to come to the disc shop to look for Renfu,but it was too late,Renfu left there long ago.Mengzhe said to her coldly, 〝You can go away! He will not want to meet you, even if he comes back.〞Zixuan would explain it, but Mengzhe broke in on her,〝I have seen this kind girl like you many times. It seems that you love him very much; in fact, you were showing your sympathy to meet you maternal nature . 〞Zixuan had no word s , and left in silence.

One year passed day after day. During this year , Zixuan went to the disc shop every day, hop ing that she could meet Renfu again some day. However, she failed. Then Zixuan studied the sign language for a year. She just wanted to tell him that she loves him all along. The love is the pure love, rather than sympathy.

One morning , Zixuan was walking in the park. She lowered her head thinking something . Suddenly, a familiar face appeared , Zixuan looked up in surprise. Two eyes began to look each other with deep love.Zixuan began to say in sign language, 〝I love you!〞Renfu was surprised, and asked her in spoken language, 〝You went to study the sign language for me?〞 Zixuan was in tears, 〝I told myself such a thing, it was impossible to meet you forever unless I learned the sign language.〞 Renfu smiled,〝I also told myself such a thing, it was impossible to meet you forever unless I learned the spoken language.〞 After saying that,Renfu opened arms in happiness,Zixuan ran to him, and gave him a sweet hug. The air was full of sweets . “ I have been knowing that your love is pure all along.”Renfu thought like this ……

( According to the short play which 5566 club from Taiwan acts. )
Sunshine Smile
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Stephanie S

Joined: 16 Jan 2013
Posts: 52

PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Did you write this story? Smile

Just a note: the word "dumb" is more often used in English to mean "stupid" than to mean a person who actually can't speak. You can use the word "mute," and vary it in the story by writing, "Can't you speak?" instead of "Are you dumb?" etc.

Very nice project. Smile

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