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My Colorful Childhood (3): Mercy to the Rose Chafers

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PostPosted: Sat May 26, 2007 12:59 am    Post subject: My Colorful Childhood (3): Mercy to the Rose Chafers Reply with quote

3) Mercy to the Rose Chafers

Rose chafer or *beep* is a charming insect with metallical shining colors. Its tiny head is completely out of proportion to its clumsy body. For unknown reason, the chafer always spreads its funny looking antennae out before its take-off.
In my childhood, Rose chafers were one of our most favorite insects. We enjoyed their lustrous crusts. Under sunlight, the colors were changeable and always gave us tremendous mystery and imagination.
As per our own definition, we classified the *beep* into three types:
“Fire Gold” was defined to that with purple golden color on its shining green base. Its body was much thicker and more round than others. Opposite to its lovely clumsiness, it is a most diligent beetle. With laud buzzing sound, it kept flying all the time, even in captured and tied conditions. Therefore, this sort of chafer was very attractive to us.
The Chafer with pure dark-green color is known as “Green Jade”. “Green Jade” is little slimmer than “Fire Gold”. Actually, it is the real beauty among all sorts of chafers with gentle but lazy nature.
“Green Jade” always annoyed us by ignoring any take-off command and made us awkwardly give up the flight competition. Some of us might fly into rage and became sadism for losing faces. They either exposed it under hot glaring sunshine or fiercely spanned it by grasping the far end of its tied thread. The most sever punishment to it was to nip its toes hardly. After such heavy penalties, it might unwillingly open its green elytra and take off reluctantly.
As a result, children would be amused greatly. They held the thread and followed its track cheerfully. Unfortunately, just a few feet away, the beetle stopped its flight again and piquantly swung in the air with its legs grasping the thread, there, the chafer snatched a moment of leisure and enjoyed itself thoroughly.
The third chafer is known as “ Brown Jade”.
With the smallest size and dull brown color without any metallic shining, it was often considered as rubbish with no enjoying value.
These three sorts of chafers were fancy to gather in the north slope of Dong Shan Maintain. Together with one or two wasps, they were hastily preparing picnic in the tree trunks.
“ Look, they are holding a birthday party!” someone shouted. “Shush!” the others hissed at him immediately.
In the mean time, one of us climbed to the tree quietly and managed to drive the wasps away, then, with a sudden flap, he captured all of them in his closed palms.
He threw the “Brown Jude” away and shared the remainders to us. We tied up their necks one by one with lengths of threads.
Usually, the little creatures often refused to eat in capturing condition. Therefore, after a few hours, they all looked deadly exhausted. This miserable condition immediate aroused our pity to them. We cut the thread shorter and, on the other end, tied a small piece of paper with such wording as “Freed by XXX”.
The little captives together with their tags were thrown to the air. Surprisingly, they were so smart that they just knew this was the very moment to escape. Contrarily to the deadly sorry looking shown a moment ago, they all instantly revived and directly flew to their nests as soon as possible. Shortly after a while, we could seen nothing but some small pieces of papers fluttering in the sky……

Note: For more reference, Pls. refer to my blog:
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