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My Colorful Childhood (2): Bullfighting without Matador

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PostPosted: Fri May 25, 2007 4:28 pm    Post subject: My Colorful Childhood (2): Bullfighting without Matador Reply with quote

2) Bullfighting without Matador

Other than cicada, another kind of insect known as Long-Horned Beetle was also very popular to us.

We divided them into four types:
The first one is “cow”, since the children in our hometown considered it looked like a farming cow.

The adult “cow” is about one and a half inches long. Its body is covered by fine and dark brown hair. It has a funny looking head where there are two long gnarled antennae, and a pair of huge dark eye rims. Without eyeballs, the eye rims look like wearing a pair of blinders. Close to the eyes, are two pieces of inward bending tusks.

My buddies regarded the antennae as horns. However, I was always doubtful, since there isn’t any cow had such long horns. In my opinion, they looked more like the feather decoration on the warrior’s head in Peking Opera. Anyway, I still followed them and called the beetles as “cow”.

“Cow” is a pugnacious creature. It always gestured as a fighting bull by lowering its long horned head. Its sharp tusks also seemed to be ready to snap something close. We liked it but in the mean time scared of it too.

Our most popular activity was to have a “bullfight” competition. In “bullring”, their serious look and fierce fighting always made us laugh to tears.
The second type is known as “buffalo”, which frequently inhabits at the top of the willow and accompanies by cicada.
Its shape and size are similar to “cow”, but has no hair. Its color is shining black with a dozen white spots on the elytra, which looks like being sprinkled by white paint.
Comparing to the “cow”, “buffalo” is much tardier and easier to catch.
Sometimes, we managed to reach the top of a tree and picked them up by bare hand.
Once we caught some, for safety reason, we had to hold their antennae and tie their necks with threads.
Unlike the “cows”, “ buffalos” seldom fight. We could only have the fun by driving them to fly or herding them in a portable willow twig.
The third type of the beetle is so-called “calf”.
Calf is similar to the “buffalo” but much smaller, at a length of about 19 minimeters.
Calves always gather on the back of ramie leaves.
Comparing to others, to get them was just a piece of cake. Since the size was too small, we had no way to tie them up and had to put them together into an empty inkbottle. Fed with a piece of the ramie leaf, they might survive for a couple of days.

The fourth one is known as “red bull”. Its shape looks like the “buffalo” too, except for its red neck, just like wearing a red scarf.

It has a strong and terrible smell, which makes people sick. Therefore, no one dares to touch it.

Usually, it can be found on peach twig.
Without natural enemy, it always has its good time to enjoy itself among the luscious fruits.

Note: For picture reference pls. Link to:|1|%u5929%u725B%u79D1||20|0|2|細天牛族

My sincere thanks would like to give to my friend, Mr Tang who constantly gave me fervor encouragement and help in HK.
(To be continued by P3:Mercy to the Rose Chafers)
Practice made every effort perfect
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