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My Thrilling Experiences in USA(2): An Icebreaking Journey

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2007 12:45 am    Post subject: My Thrilling Experiences in USA(2): An Icebreaking Journey Reply with quote

(2) An Icebreaking Journey

Our task to USA was for marketing promotion for our local products, especially the drilling bits, which was globally predominated by an American company, Houghes Ltd..
For years, the bits adopted in our oil-drilling industry had been imported from Houghes without any exclusion.
At that time, the bits became a sort of insurmountable barrier to develop our oil industries not only for their expensive purchasing prices but also for its sensitivity to political climate.
To get rid off such passive situation, our local government took the advantage of “the civilian diversification of military industries” and organized dozens of backbone military suppliers to develop our own bits. After tackling lots of headache technological difficulties, they had complete success in bits development and batch production.
After various tests, the key quality properties were proved to be closed to Houghes’, but the sales prices were less than 1/3.
These newly developed products were quickly targeted by Jiangxi Foreign Trade Company as one of the key export commodities to switch over local farming-oriented trade structure.
They immediately connected to me for help.
As a representative of one aviation company in USA, I was residing in Wichita and sparing no effort on marketing our aviation products.
After years’ communication to local entrepreneurs, I’d got some local business friends. Mr. John. Hook, known as local “Petroleum King” was one of them.
Entrusted by Mr. Huang, the director of Jiangxi Foreign Affair Office as mentioned before, I contacted to John and set up a business tie between them. I’d also conducted a lot of preparation work before hand to initiate our cooperation project.
Thanks to our joint-effort, the project was going well.
For operation needs, John hired a local over-seas student, Mr. Tan Xiao Sha to be his project manager and our interface.
According to our scheduling, an trial run to our bit samples will be conducted on site. Meanwhile, as per Tan’s instruction to local geological features, Mr. Shu provided 4 bits with different materials and cutting parameters accordingly.
With different moods, we left Kansas Airport and had been tucked into Xiao Tan’s rickety car.
After a noisy ignition, we were tardily running on a highway.
Outside the car, there was a spectacular scene.
After snowing, the charming sun hung up in the center of the welkin and gently cast its sunshine on the complete white field, which brought me tremendous pressure and excitement. However, my friends aside took no care to the scenery outside.
They all fell into deep thinking and anxiety.
I fully understood the situation.
As an expert, Mr. Shu knew his products well. What he concerned most was not the product quality, but the accuracy of the geological data provide by Tian Xiao Sha.
Even a layman knows; different tools should be used for different materials cutting.
If Tan’s data had anything wrong, just like cutting Tofu with diamond bit or scratching a piece of glass with a fruit knight, a stupid situation would inevitably be created, which would destroy all our previous efforts surely.
Moreover, under our <Trial Run Agreement> signed before, “if the bit is broken and damages the oil well, Then, Chinese side should be responsible to recover any direct and indirect losses to Part B.”
“If that disaster happens, how can I face to thousands of staffs and workers who are longing to convert their products to common profit?” A stern word was repeating in Mr. Shu’s mind again and again.
Sweating like a pig, he felt as if were challenged by countless potential enemies. In this way, he couldn’t help shivering in mind.

In the mean time, secured by a tight seat belt, Tan Xiao Sha was stiffly seating beside me with a deep frowning forehead. As the project manager of American side, he had more complicated feeling than us.

“ Mr. Li,” he said suddenly, “ Thank you for your hard work, two of our guests had safely arrived here, therefore…., it seems to be….., your task …..has been fulfilled. You may go to your business and ….and leave us ……alone, after we arriving at Wichita. “ he said stammeringly but coldly.
A nauseous impulse instantly rose in my mind.
“Oh, that’s alright! ” I did my utmost to conceal my sickness and replied him indifferently; “I am worrying at having not enough time to accompany you all. Ok, it is time for me to transfer Mr. Huang and Mr. Shu to you now.” I said continuously, ” One thing, please do keep in mind: You should treat them well and never forget you are Chinese, Ok?” As I said, an ominous suspicion dimly appeared in my mind.
“No, no, please!” Mr. Huang and Mr. Shu interrupted my words simultaneously.
” Mr. Li, you had promise me before to help me by all means.” said Mr. Huang.
“Please do me a favor, Mr. Li, and help me to complete all tests! As you know both us know nothing about English, nor any custom here.”
I knew, their request not caused by their cowardice but by a professional sensitivity.
After all, it was in an alien country where someone could certainly gain infinite confidence and courage from a trusty friend with language and business skills.
“……” encountered their unshakable requirement, Tan Xiao Sha had nothing to say.

(To be continued by Part 3: One More Horror-Striken Trip)
Practice made every effort perfect
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