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My Thrilling Experiences in USA(4): One more horror-stricke

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 25, 2007 8:25 pm    Post subject: My Thrilling Experiences in USA(4): One more horror-stricke Reply with quote

Since Gerby is about 700 kilometers away from Wichita, John provided a 7-seats plane, “Air King” to us.
After his reception banquet, we boarded on his private runway nearby his cottage hastily.
Inside the plane, the space and decoration were also beyond my ken, which was much smaller and simpler than what I imaged before.
Tucked in such narrow cabinet, plus bumping flight caused by constantly turbulence, we all felt like seating on a Roller Coaster and got airsickness soon.
Struggling against the ailment, we had a very hard time to get over every minute among the clouds.
Finally, with our teeth setting on edge for more than two hours, we had landed on our destination nearby the oilfield. I looked my watch unconsciously: it was the exact one o’clock am.

As soon as we got out of the cabinet, both my friends, Mr. Huang and Mr. Shu bowed and vomited fiercely.
I proposed Tan Xiao Sha to find a hotel nearby so that we might refresh ourselves by having comfortable showers and sound sleep. Then, we would keep our decent images and fresh mind to deal with our negotiators tomorrow.
Both Mr. Huang and Mr. Shu agreed with my suggestion, except for Tan who firmly rejected my proposal with unknown reasons.
“No, no! You shouldn’t slack as in China. Here is America, you know? We must hurry up. Reach to the three sites as soon as possible, three! You know?”
“We have plenty of time. Please refer to the time table, the trial run won’t be started until 12 o’clock pm.” Mr. Huang said with a sheet of paper in hand.
“Come on! We shouldn’t schedule ourselves so precisely. How many variables will appear do you know?” Tan firmly insisted.
After such unhappy argument, Tan finally agreed to arrange a room for us to take shower and rest in local inn of Gerby.
We couldn’t persuade him any further and had to get on a small van with our numb legs.
It was about 2 o’clock a.m., when we arrived at the Gerby.
Tan parked the van at a corner. Then, he turned to us and said:” Ok! Let’s take a rest in an inn nearby here. Since I am too young to check in……”
We all puzzled and stiffly looked at him. We had no idea what kind of weird idea he would have again.
“I think……Mr. Li is more senior than me and his oral English is much better than mine. Therefore, I think it’s better for him to check in first, then we all follow him to share the room.”
“ Why?” Mr. Huang asked in bewilderment.
“ In such a small and remote town, it is very easy to cause somebody’s suspicion for a young man to book a hotel at midnight. The reception will certainly ask me some questions, unfortunately, my English is too poor to explain correctly.”
We all recognized this sort of behavior was very improper and unusual, but we found no reason strong enough to reject his arrangement.
Especially for me, I thought I had fully understood his motivation.
As one of Chinese over-seas students, he must suffer a lot to survive in a foreign country. Saving every cent had become their common habit.
Moreover, he valued his employment so much that he was eager to show his accomplishment of cost reduction to his boss.
Under such consideration, the sympathy to him immediately swept over my mind.
“ Ok, let me try.” I replied and got off the van.
Against gusts of icy wind, I bowed my body and walked hard toward a small inn where the dim light was cast through the door glass.
I pushed the doorbell outside.
With the door open, a hail of fierce barks suddenly burst out in such a silent night. I let out a cry and jumped back several paces.
“For what? The man over there.” a man seated behind the reception desk asked me in a very impatient and impolite mood.
“I need a room.” I answered dispensing with politeness for him accordingly.
“Show me your ID or passport!”
“Yes!” I passed my passport to him, then received a worn-out check-in book.
I filled the form carefully.
“40 dollars!” he stretched out his right arm and asked me for money without glance at the book.
I took out a roll of green money from my inner pocket and picked up 40 dollars to him.
“Yes, here you are.”
To my surprise, he snapped it forcedly, then stood up and shouted to me:
” Get out here, immediately!” he pointed to the door.
“Why should I?I had paid the deposit.” After regained my composure, I asked him firmly.
“Come on, guy!” as shouting, he ran to me from the desk as if he were going to rob my money.
Instinctively, I retreated to the door and protected my pocket with my hands.
“ Never treat me as a fool” he said ironically, “ Ever since your van arrived here, the dogs’ barking immediately alarmed me to notify your behavior.” He said with a sarcastic smile. “ My God! Several persons shared one car. Then one got off the car and came to here. I am sure you must be none other than the gangsters’ representative.” He said ferociously.
I was shocked by his words and resented Tan’s such a bad arrangement, which caused so severe misunderstanding and such a huge trouble.
“ No, you are wrong! We are…….” I tried to explain the situation, but he interrupted me rudely.
” Shut up!” He shouted again.
“If you consider us as a group of gangsters, why did you charge me?” I asked.
“*beep*!” He was immediately provoked by my question and fiercely turned to his dig: ”Janis, go ahead!” he untied the huge wolf dog that was staring at me with its hostile shining eyes and coarse sob.
Immediately responding to its world-shaking howling, I jumped out the door and fled away as quickly as I could.
Accompanying the barks, a heavy door sliming was heard behind me. ……
I told my friends the entire story, after I returned to the van.
They all got annoyed by this unfair treatment. Mr. Huang and Mr. Shu even went further as to go for explanation.
“No, no! Never do it.” Tan stopped them in hurry, “ We must leave here as soon as possible, since he may be calling the police.”
Before our any response, Tan started the van and madly ran away from Gerby.
“ What are you doing? Tan!” asked Mr. Huang loudly, “ Is it illegal here to book a hotel after down payment?”
“ I could hardly understand the situation,” said Mr. Shu, he used to keep silent,” We come here not for selling drug, nor for ammunition smuggling. We are for formal, legal business! Why are we always treated as escaped criminals?” he complained with obvious dissatisfaction to Tan’s manner.
“For what? Don’t you know the real reason?” said Tan, “ Simply because you are Chinese and here is USA!” he said with slow tone and every syllable stressing.
“What’s wrong with our Chinese?” three of us assailed him simultaneously.
“ Come on, save your national dignity and self-respect and enjoy them at home please.” He said with a heavy sigh, then, he told us a sad story his own.

(To be continued)
Practice made every effort perfect
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