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My Thrilling Experiences in USA(5):A Sad Story

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 01, 2007 7:44 pm    Post subject: My Thrilling Experiences in USA(5):A Sad Story Reply with quote

(5) A Sad Story

Tan Xiao Sha was born in an official family in southwest China and brought up in the years of “Culture Revolution”.
Although he got a diploma of high school; but he had very poor knowledge even less than a pupil graduated from primary school.
In 1980s the “Open Door Policy” was introduced to China.
Just like the rising up of floodgates, million of Chinese youths from the riches or senior official families rushed out of China and dashed to west countries for overseas study or money making.
His parents managed to send him to USA.
Thanks to the help of his father’s friend, he was enrolled by Wichita University.
Soon after his entrance, he was flunked out for all E marks.
He had to work in a Chinese restaurant where his wife was serving as a waitress. There, the young couple was in day and night shifts respectively.
Before long, his wife was falling in love with a regular white customer.
Tan got devoiced soon and had to live alone.
To save money, he moved to a humble flat in the basement of a black residence located in a hill closed to the entrance of A22 highway in west suburb of Wichita.
Every evening, he left here and drove his squeaky jalopy to the restaurant as quick as he could.
One day, he got up too late and dashed down the hill.
Shortly before the entrance, he found two police cars with red lights twinkling and alarm horn blaring quickly followed him. One of them even took over and blocked his road. He promptly took a hard break and got out of the car to see what happened.
To his surprise, he found several armed policemen jumped out from the cars and besieged him.
“Stop! Raise your hands!” they all shouted to him with guns pointed to his head.
He was petrified and quickly raised his hands. Then, a bobby came to him and sternly asked for driving license.
Unfortunately, he was too hurrying to take it when he left home a moment ago.
“Sorry sir, I forgot to ……. But, I ……live the top ……the hill. I can……” He was trembling and faltering with his poor English.
“Show me your ID card, then.” one more order.
“Sorry again! the same, no take!” , with shrugging, he try to explained the reasons, but two policemen approached to him quickly and pressed him to the ground skillfully.
With two hands tightly cuffed on his back, he was tucked to a wagon.
“Tell me why, sir.” He was mumbling, but no one inside the car paid any attention to him.
He was sent to a prison 40 miles away from Wichita.
For several days, the boss of the restaurant found no waiter on evening duty, he asked Tan’s pre-wife if she happened to know where he was.
She immediately reported to police and spent a lot of efforts to find him.
The puzzle finally came to light, due to a suspect of over speed and illegal driving without driving license; Tan Xiao Sha was arrested and put into a prison.
Her husband told her even more, driving down the hill was extremely easy to be over-speed. If for a common American citizen, no matter black or white, to fine a ticket was enough, however to yellow Chinese it would be another situation.
Recent years, more and more Chinese migrations had been surging into USA. Some of them damaged their reputation by indecent behaviors and integrity ignoring, which resulted a sort of hatred and repulsion among local residents, even in some governmental staff, such as policemen, immigration officers etc.
Therefore, once a Chinese committed a sort of crime, then, a much severe penalty must be imposed upon.
Thanks to pre-wife’s hard work, Tan was bailed out.
From then on, whenever he met or even heard a policeman, he would nervously go into panic.
(To be continued by Part 6: Contacting with US Workers in Zero Distance)
Practice made every effort perfect
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