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A Tearing Lotus(6): Invaders’ Bloody Massacre

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2008 7:11 pm    Post subject: A Tearing Lotus(6): Invaders’ Bloody Massacre Reply with quote

(6) Invaders’ Bloody Massacre

On August 20,1939, Japanese army occupied Nan Chang Town.
At that day, as arranged by fate, He Hua’s father got up much earlier than usual, since he wanted to collect tobacco leaves as more as possible for emergent reservation.
It was true, recent days, the rumors about Japanese invaders were flying all over the sky, and he had to make some preparation for tobacco inventory before devils’ coming.
Shortly after his exit from the east city gate, against the brightness of the dawn he dimly saw and heard a cloud of dust was penetrating to the eastern sky and rhythmical noises of paces were bumping on the road. When he went closer, he immediately went to panic, for he found the crowd was none other than a party of Japanese army! He horribly turned back and ran as quick as possible.
In the mean time, the Japanese soldiers dispersed on both sides of the road in no time.
With guns loading and ambiguous shouting, they quickly took over and surrounded the landlord.
As an ancient saying, “deadly fear may drive a dog to fly”. He hardly found his way to escape and dashed to a well yard with unconscious discharges on his pants.
He was really at a corner but no way to kickback. The brutal devils were simultaneously stabbing to him with their bestial laughing and shouting.
“Fu*k your Ja…pan…ese!” , he mumbled and bitterly fell down with round eyes open. He was the first victim in this notorious Nan Chang Massacre.
Besides, those lunatic gangsters caught his feet and plugged his body into the well.
After the invaders entering the town, like a herd of crazy beasts, they were shooting innocent people, burning resident houses, raping any captured females from age of 10 to 70 and robbing whatever they like.
No doubt, all property, which He Hua’s parents’ had spent lifetime efforts, had been completely destroyed in this disaster.
Mum led He Hua to a suburb of Xin Jian County and became a pair of homeless and foodless refugees. They had no way to survive, but to beg everywhere and to dwell in a dilapidated temple.
Several months later, Mum had suffered from diarrhea and soon died in front of her dedicated shrine.
He Hua was crying day and night. The grief she felt was not only over Mum's death, but also for no means to bury her body. At last, enlightened by a drama scene, she pasted a piece of paper in front of her chest with the wording of” Mercy! Sell myself for Mom’s funereal” and kneeled down on street.
A bawd in a famous brothel, known as Peach Yard bought her. She had served as a little waitress for more than 5 years there.
At age of 15 she was forced to start the sexual service.
The next year, a junior military officer of KMT (The National Democratic Party) redeemed and married her.
Later on, since his army was transferred to Gan Yue County, the officer brought He Hua there too.
The situation of Civil War was getting more and more tense; He Hua’s husband had been driven to a battlefront and left enormous gambling debts to her.
Since then, he had no news at all.
To dispatch those fierce gangsters who frequently urged her to repay the debts, He Hua had to sell off almost all property.
No money, no deposit, neither any working skill, how could He Hua be survived?
She had no way, but to remarry a bachelor neighbor, a tailor master, hunchback Song Qin.
One adolescent lady matched an ugly handicapped dwarf; this fact had immediately become a fashion topic in teahouse or other public gathering area in Yu Gan County.

(To be continued by (7) Arduous Spotting)
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