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by magrit
Sat Dec 01, 2012 6:12 am
Forum: Adult Education
Topic: Offered a job but need help please.
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English File and Cutting Edge might be possibilities, though possibly more British orientated. You haven't said where you are and I'm less familiar with American style texts ( Interchange ?). You'd have to check books are at the right language level (elementary?). I suggest visiting your nearest sp...
by magrit
Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:01 am
Forum: Adult Education
Topic: Listening activities for advanced adults?
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Will you have access to online facilities one to one during a private class? Maybe a laptop? If so, you could try BBC Learning English 6 minute talks - hardly American slang etc. though! There are a variety of topics.
by magrit
Mon Oct 22, 2012 7:47 am
Forum: Activities and Games
Topic: First lesson with intermediate conversation class
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It does make it a bit tricky not knowing the numbers because as low as 3 has an impact on pairwork (unless you are the extra partner). What I’ve sometimes done is put up information about myself on the board (names, dates, place names etc.) inside individual circles and asked students to ask me abou...