Prescription Medicines

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steve b
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Prescription Medicines

Post by steve b » Thu Jul 15, 2010 12:56 am

Bit of an odd subject I admit, but I did check the threads and could not see anything addressing the topic. Apologies if I have started an extraneous one, but it is a major concern I have and I would appreciate advice from anyone in a similar situation.

I am about to take up a post in China - not a major city although population of 1.6M - and I think I can twist my doctor's arm before I go to obtain a prescription for a year's supply of my medication which for me in the UK will be free.

However, I intend to remain in China far longer than one year and so the time will come when I need to source further drugs. If I may explain, I am not ill per se, I simply have various "conditions" (hypertension being one) which are so well controlled with meds I never take time off work ill and do not even adjust my lifestyle for. However, a lack of the correct pharmaceuticals would probably see me in trouble and in very short order.

My concerns are twofold. Firstly, how can I be certain that prescriptions I obtain in China are the same drugs I take now, and secondly how can I find a cheap but reliable source. I have discovered a place on-line in Shanghai (Parkway Community Pharmacy) and they have most (but not all) of my needs. BUT. Looking at the prices and considering I take 6 different pills every day and others occasionally as required I am worried that I will end up paying a huge proportion of my salary (maybe 25%) just on these.

I holidayed in China last year and idiotically I packed all my meds except one and had to spend a couple of hours at a local hospital in Nanning explaining I did not require blood tests for diagnosis as I knew what I had and it had been there for 25 years, I simply wanted the correct tablets. Not easy when you don't speak Mandarin, but I was sold pills completely different in appearance to my usual which nonetheless worked and were pleasantly low-cost.

Advice from old hands invited, particularly if it involves reassuring me that I can ask the university pharmacy for assistance.

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Post by Lorikeet » Thu Jul 15, 2010 8:26 am

You might also consider posting in the job boards. I think there might also be some people there who have been through similar problems.

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