Interesting issues of English

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Interesting issues of English

Post by Kennen » Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:49 pm

Are you an adherent of a particular unconventional English teaching and learning methodology?
I've discovered a website that advances an unusual English learning and practising approach. So far I am sceptical about the effectiveness of that approach.
Maybe you could explore the site and express your opinions in this issue.

What are your views on teaching and learning English grammar?
What English courses do you use in your teaching activity?
Could we exchange opinions about the most practical, comprehensive and helpful courses of general English for daily living use.
As for me I highly value some English courses by Longman Publishing Co., Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press.
I've gathered a lot of useful information on various issues of teaching and learning English that users of this forum may be interested in and which may be helpful to them in their English language activities.

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