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Post by longshikong » Tue Mar 27, 2012 12:23 pm

nazarene wrote:...make your courses relevant and your style and method effective
Since Asians are unaccustomed to voluntarily offering critical feedback, even if positive, I realize achieving this requires opening up a regular 2-way feedback channel--something, up until now, I haven't put much thought nor effort into. It's challenging when having to prep and teach a range from pre-K to IELTS. I did, however rewrite my Teacher Evaluation Form (for students to evaluate me) and posted it here for feedback but this exchange with Nazarene clarifies for me, my reluctant to use it--it simply doesn't address my performance in relationship with student needs (as one comment indicated).

When I started teaching this group of adults, I based my teaching on their claim they wanted to be able to converse with foreigners. I switched coursebooks as a result of that (the in-house was more reading/writing based) but from the outset I realized such a vague goal was insufficient to sustain motivation over months of study. I now realize I've got to work with them to set personal and class long and short-term (flexible) learning goals--students have to start taking ownership for the language. This week I think I'll initiate the process by conducting a survey of what we've covered (personal relevance), how we've covered it (preferred learning style), how well they feel they've mastered it, and any other questions I think will help me help them.

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