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will mcculloch
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Word Surfing

Post by will mcculloch » Wed May 07, 2003 3:03 pm

Hi ... How do students really improve their vocabulary? Our new website aims to help them in that vital area. We offer ...

i) information on learning techniques

ii) a method to help them organize their notebooks ( pages can be printed out)

iii) links to lots of good exercises.

There is also plenty of vocabulary related information for teachers. Areas that we want to focus on include .... level testing, vocabulary research, the lexical approach, motivation, learner autonomy and pronunciation .

We are currently looking for more good articles on these topics - so please contact me with any contributions that you'd like to have included! I hope that you enjoy "Word Surfing" and that your students find it useful. You can visit our site here by clicking on this link http://www.wordsurfing.co.uk/4598.html

Finally it would be great to get some feedback from teachers about the website as it was only started one week ago ... if you have any comments/suggestions please let us know about them.



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