Tricky discipline...any ideas?

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Tricky discipline...any ideas?

Post by mooos » Thu Sep 01, 2005 4:37 am

Hi, have just started teaching middle school students (age 15-17) and have encountered discipline problems within my class, as the disruptive students do now have an adequate grasp of English to understand my rules, and it seems that those who do, pay little heed! Any suggestions as to a better approach? How best to get the class to do what I tell them?

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Post by strider » Thu Sep 01, 2005 11:30 am

Hi moos,

It sounds like you're facing a challenging situation - don't despair!

This question has been discussed in the past, and many teachers have offered excellent suggestions. Use the 'search' button (at the top of the screen under 'Teacher Discussion forums') and input key words (discipline, disruptive, etc).

Hope you find what you need!

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Post by joshua2004 » Thu Sep 01, 2005 8:32 pm

I am teaching middle school as well. I have the same "problem" too. But I think what needs to be understood is that people at this age are learning the rules of the classroom, society, life, etc. The thing that has worked best for me, and this is something I hear echoed everywhere teaching this age group is involved, that behavior and social conduct, for all practical purposes, come BEFORE academic goals.

Teaching with a specific academic objective in mind such as learning the use of various expressions by listening to a story, but the students won't be quiet enough to be able to hear it, what can you do? Even if you get most quiet, all it takes is someone messing around with their papers or getting in to their backpack and the noise begins to overwhelm the lesson.
The reality when working with this age group is that they need to learn social rules and appropriate behavior. If you don't teach this, then it is IMPOSSIBLE to teach the lesson, as you and I know.
I find that if I need to stop everything and get order and if that takes 15 minutes, I will do it in order so that the lesson will be successful. It is not worth going crazy trying to keep the group quiet one by one.

Realizing that character education has to come before the academic education of this age of student has helped me deal with many problems. That doesn't mean I don't have lots of noisy kids! But at least I can teach a lot more academic content than I could before.

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Post by alakasiyok » Sun Sep 18, 2005 2:15 pm

to me, this problem takes time to overcome. you have to define all the aspects of atmosphere you are in. for instance, first you have to clarify which culture you are living within, how much this culture affected children's thoughts on life, then try to reveal the inner part of their souls, you have to reflect your care and respect clearly, be absolutely sincere when you're doing that. this will take long time but im sure this method is better and enduring. Cuz you need to be accepted by them. in any contrary case, you'll be more and more disturbed by noise they made and all their lazinesses..

hope you succeed... take care

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Post by undeterred » Mon Oct 17, 2005 8:00 am

If their is no discipline system in place at the school it is a losing proposition for you. What I mean is if you ask your supervisor for help dealing with the situation and nothing happens than it comes down to survival for you. I would suggest conducting your lesson as best as you can and never, I repeat never get annoyed over Ss behavior. It is an extremely difficult situation to be in, I know. I was there last year.

The problem Ss are determined to outlast you on this, it is their goal and they are much better equipped for it than you. You are on their turf and I imagine that their is no one at the school that will stand up to them.

Write it off as experience and get through it. When it is over you will feel that nothing will ever be as horrible again, and it won't.

Believe me.

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