Teaching English to English teachers from China

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Teaching English to English teachers from China

Post by cecilia.lau » Fri Dec 05, 2003 7:23 am

I've just been directed to teach a group of English teachers from China. The program will run for 4 weeks, 20 hours/week. I also have to write up the syllabus for this program. It has been made clear that I teach them the language instead of the pedagogical parts of teaching English. We haven't been told much about these teachers except that they're teaching at high schools and tertiary institutions in China.

They're English teachers and I don't see why they need to be taught the language. SInce I've been made to teach the language, what should I include in the syllabus? Please advise!


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Post by Roger » Thu Dec 25, 2003 12:41 pm

Sorry for my late repoly.
I am based in China, and many of my colleagues are Chinese English teachers - naturally.
It strikes me as odd that the majority of these teachers are neither proficient at English nor motivated well enough. High achievers don't usually stay in this profession. Go make your own conclusions!

So, what should they learn in terms of language acquisition?

Like their own students, they seldom develop a good understanding of complete oral sentences or texts. They pick out individual words, then get stumped when they hit a word in an unusual context.
I would focus on training their hearing and understanding of whole sentences, short stories etc. That's where they have the greatest deficiencies!

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