Teaching VESL effectively

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Teaching VESL effectively

Post by maliusmaximus » Mon Nov 01, 2010 2:04 am

I'm in a bit of a pickle. I have 3 years of ESL teaching experience across a broad range of situations. I'm currently being employed to provide 1on1 VESL training to local staff at an International School. Their level is generally mid advanced to high advanced.
I'm having difficulty targeting the lessons to their needs. The students are very strong in all English skill areas required for their jobs and seem to just want to practice speaking, however I have a requirement to show that the training is highly targeted to their jobs. When I try to deliver targeted lessons, the students demonstrate excellent existing knowledge and application of the lesson content.
In order to deliver highly targeted training, I need a deeper knowledge of their day to day English usage, and when mistakes are made. We've tried giving them reflection sheets to put on their workstations to record any difficulties in English, however it didn't turn up anything useful.
How can I bore down deeply and quickly to find skills areas that the students require further training in? It needs to be quick as the course was extended beyond its initial scope and lessons are already underway.

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