Great idea for Directions based lesson (free download )

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Great idea for Directions based lesson (free download )

Post by ardieBaia » Fri May 16, 2014 12:02 am

Awesome directions review project!
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Happy Teaching! :P

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Fun games to teach directions

Post by shelleyvernon » Fri Jun 06, 2014 1:45 pm

Teaching directions is especially fun if you use blindfolds.

From my games book (on Amazon) "176 English Language Games for Children": Blind Directions.

Category: Listening and speaking
Group size: 2 to 30 in pairs or fours and larger class variant
Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Materials: Blindfolds
Age: 4 to 12
Pace: Lively (& calm variant)

Small group variant with space

Everyone loves this game, even adults. Lay out a course that must be followed. Create this by placing books on the floor between the start line and the finish line. To play the game put your children in pairs or groups of four. Line up as many pairs as you have room for on the start line. You need one course per pair of children so you will probably only have room for two to three courses unless you play outside.

Blindfold player A of each pair on the starting line. Player B directs player A through the obstacle course you have created to the end and back. Player B can direct player A using directions such as: "Go straight on. Stop. Go left. Go right". You can complicate the vocabulary used as the level of your class evolves. Four year olds may not know the
difference between left and right in which case you can play simply with go, stop and turn towards me or away from me. The idea is for each pair to reach the finish line before the other pairs. A referee can accompany each pair to make sure that the directions are given in correctly if you like.

Calm variant with no space

In pairs one child is blindfolded and the other guides the child to touch different items on the desk by giving directions.

Large class variant with no space

If you have a bigger class or not enough space to play then you can adapt the game as follows: You decide on an obstacle course around the classroom - in between rows of desks, round the bin and back or whatever, and have only one blind folded person do the
course while half the class (team A) whisper directions all together. You time this and then team B has a go directing their person, (you have to change the course a little once their player is blindfolded) and you see which team gets through the course first. Two or three goes for each team of this will be enough.

Another way to adapt the game to the classroom is to make one long course through the class and have pairs set off close behind each other at intervals, with a referee checking the language. Have a rule where only whispering is allowed and anyone talking is out, or has to start from the beginning again.


For a blindfold airline eye pads work best, as you do not waste time tying them up the way you do with a scarf. You can also find children's masks in dressing up shops or supermarkets at Halloween, and you can tape over the eyeholes.

You can get the games book on Amazon and on my site here:

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