ESL teachers' ultimate power tool:

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ESL teachers' ultimate power tool:

Post by Bokomaru » Sun Feb 08, 2015 1:22 pm

I am excited to announce that, my new website is now ready for beta testing. It's free for now and will be cheap to use once beta testing is complete. The idea is to provide teachers with a suite of power tools to assist with corrective feedback on ESL assignments.


Here are just some of the highly-configurable tools available on the system:
  • +Target Structure Tool (Check for target utterances in Ss' texts--inspired by Concordia Professor Beth Gatbonton's methodology.)
    +VirtualWritingTutor Tool (Check for errors using the VWT's error detection rules, but hide false alarms and low-priority correction messages. )
    +FieldRelated Tool (Check for field-of-study vocabulary)
    +Word Choice Tool (Check for academic word list)
    +Statistics Tool (word count, sentence length)
    +Automatic Randomized Comments (Define your comments in advance and the system will randomly select one for you to give your student. You always sound fresh and can maintain the voice-of-the-reader no matter how tired you feel.)
    +Audio Tool (Send MP3 messages with your comments--a virtual writing conference.)
    +Pronunciation Tool (Check, model with TTS, and score target pronunciation using penalties and rewards.)
    +Rubric Tool (Define expectations with descriptors and scores.)
    +Total Score Tool (Calculate the score generated by the other tools and display it with comments.)
    +Other tools either do pre-defined searches or load pre-defined rubrics which you can modify.
    +New tools on their way
Ts start by creating a grid. Tools are collected, sequenced, configured and saved as a grid. Grid can be modified at any time.
Ss can email their assignments to the teacher's email address, and Ts can return feedback in the form of a PDF attachment to the student's email address. Ts can also copy/paste Ss' text for manual checking. I am working on creating an import tool from Google Forms. The goal is to make the provision of corrective feedback easier, better and faster.

Altogether, it is a very powerful system. New features are on their way. I hope you like it.

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