Webinar 'Virtually Enhanced Language Teaching' 1 April

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Webinar 'Virtually Enhanced Language Teaching' 1 April

Post by mathewhillier » Sat Mar 21, 2015 7:55 am

Webinar on 'Virtually Enhanced Language Teaching' 1 April 2015.
Presenter: Scott Grant (Monash University, Australia).
[at no cost]

The Virtually Enhanced Languages (VEL) project builds on five years of experience using online 3D multiuser virtual environments (MUVEs) to enhance tertiary level language and culture learning. The project aims to reduce barriers to entry for educators interested in 3D MUVEs and task-based language learning. Free, shareable resources, both pedagogical and technical have been developed. The session will cover both the background and goals of the VEL project and will include a live demonstration of the 3DMUVE environment used for Chinese language and culture learning. The project is funded by an Australian Government Office for Teaching and Learning grant.

Hosted by: Professor Geoffrey Crisp (RMIT University, Australia) and
Dr Mathew Hillier (The Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation, The University of Queensland, Australia).

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The session will be recorded.

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