What percentage of Vietnamese ESL teachers have an MA?

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Seth Warncke
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What percentage of Vietnamese ESL teachers have an MA?

Post by Seth Warncke » Tue Mar 07, 2017 12:37 am

I don't know any way to accurately gather this data other than individually asking all the Vietnamese teachers I see. I've already asked people at my current school.

1) For this an MA is defined as the degree you get after your BA, or the 2 year degree you get after studying for 4 years. Years may vary based on degree/country. I mean many countries have many languages, and they don't all call it a master's degree.

2) Please state what country/university the MA is from.

3) Please state the field of study.

4) Please keep in mind, due to previous requirements in Vietnam for example, some foreign teachers had to have an MA to legally teach, so they "got one". As such, I'm sure this will be true for some other places as well.

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