Lesson Plan: A dead crow (moral value focus)

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Lesson Plan: A dead crow (moral value focus)

Post by lijinxian » Sat Sep 18, 2010 12:24 pm

[url]http://btpnkl.edu.my/cerdiknet/bahan/EN ... t_0201.htm
online gap filling exercise is here.

Daily Lesson Plan
&#61548; Form: 1
&#61548; Proficiency level: mediate
&#61548; Date: 2nd Sep 2010
&#61548; Day: Thursday
&#61548; Time: 9:00 pm-9:40 pm
&#61548; Duration: 40minutes
&#61548; Topic: pollution and nature
&#61548; Sub-topic: focus on moral value
&#61548; General objective: to enable students to be familiar with the moral value in a poem.
&#61548; Specific objectives: by the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
1. Understand the poem by answering 10 comprehension questions.
2. Read the poem with correct intonation, stress, rhythm and expressions.
3. List down at least 5 causes of pollution to the world.
&#61548; Moral values: Love the nature, Grow greenery, Appreciation
&#61548; Thinking Skills: Identifying, compreheding.
&#61548; Previous knowledge: Students are exposed to different kinds of pollution in their everyday life.
&#61548; Teaching methods: Direct method and Suggestiopedia. Pair Work. Group work.
&#61548; Teaching aids:
1. PowerPoint slides
2. Whiteboard
3. Music
4. Video clip
&#61548; References: 1) gap-filling exercise:
http://btpnkl.edu.my/cerdiknet/bahan/EN ... t_0201.htm
2) Video clip: movie - ‘The Simpsons’
&#61548; Teaching content:
Vocabulary items: drain, gasping, barely, dignity, sorrow, conceive, crucify, strangling, grace, plain, sword
&#61548; Teaching contents and procedures:
Teacher’s Activities Student’s Activities Materials
Introduction ( 5 minutes )

1. Teacher greets students: ‘Good morning!’
2. Teacher shows some pictures to students and asks them to brainstorm related ideas with environment.

1. Students respond to teacher’s greeting.
2. Students are active to give ideas about environment.


Development 1 (10 minutes)

1. Teacher shows the poem ‘The dead
Crow’ to students on slide and asks students try to read it loudly.
2. Teacher leads students to read the poem with intonation and rhythm, and then understand the meaning and theme of the poem by doing activities.
3. Teacher asks students to discuss with partner about the main idea of each stanza, and present in front of the classroom.
4. Teacher asks 3 general questions about understanding the poem
a) Whom the poet wants to live in dignity” – Grandchildren
b) What did the old man and baby have difficulty in? –Breathing.
c) How can politicians help us live a good life? –By planning well
5. Teacher asks students to do a gap filling exercise based on the meaning of the poem.

1. Students read the poem orally.

2. Students read the poem with teacher, and understand the meaning and theme of the poem by doing activities.
3. Students find out the main idea and discuss with their partner, then present on the class.

4. Students respond to the question and have a better understanding of the poem.

5. Students do a gap filling exercise based on their understanding of the poem

Power Point
Development 2 (10 minutes)

1. Teacher shows students a short cartoon
video-clip and asks students watch carefully.
2. Teacher asks student a question:
a). What can you see from the video?
b).Do you think these people are protecting their homeland? Why?
3. Teacher asks students to work in group with 4 people to list down 5 main types of pollution happened in the video.
4. Teacher pleases several students from different group to present their list of environment pollution, and asks students to think about how we should protect our planate.

1. Students watch the short cartoon
video-clip carefully.

2. Students answer given questions asked by teacher.

3. Students work with 4 people in group and discuss 5 main types of pollution in the world.
4. Students present their ideas and think about the role of environment protection.

Short video-clip

Development 3 (10 minutes)
1. Teacher plays a piece of music from Michael Jackson's ‘Heal the World’
2. Teacher distributes a piece of worksheet with lyrics, plays the music again and asks students to fill in the blanks on the lyrics.
3. Teacher checks students’ answers and ask everyone to sing together.
1. Students listen to the music carefully.

2. Students listen to the music and fill in the blanks.

3. Students check answer with teacher and sing the song together.

A piece of music

Closure (5 minutes)

1. Teacher concludes the lesson with playing a related video clip to reinforce the moral value of being environmental friendly.
2. Teacher asks students to take some photos related to environment pollution after class and share their experience with classmates in next class.

1. Students listen to the teacher to make a conclusion.

Power Point

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