Using Livescribe Smartpen to create online teaching material

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Using Livescribe Smartpen to create online teaching material

Post by hbuchtel » Tue Oct 11, 2011 2:54 pm

Hello All,

I wanted to share a few pages of teaching material that I created to teach young (5-6yo) children English.

I used the Livescribe Echo Smartpen, which allows you to create documents with embedded audio, so clicking on a certain line of text will start the audio recording associated with that text.

These documents are created by writing in a special notebook sold with the pen (you can also print your own), and can then be uploaded to the internet and shared with everybody (or password protected). This allows students to review the material at home.

When I created this material I had the idea of developing it further and eventually publishing it in some form. As I have basically stopped teaching English to focus on other things I decided to share it in the hopes that it would inspire others to use this device in their teaching.

Here are links to three pages of content (click on 'full-screen', then click on the green text/dots for audio)

On Under In
Cat Cats
Big Small

Like viewing somebody's Powerpoint presentation, it may not be obvious how to use these particular pages, but I think y'all can get the idea of how this could be used in class!

FWIW, I have no connection with the Livescribe company, besides using their product.

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