Warm-up songs for Grades 1-3

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Warm-up songs for Grades 1-3

Post by baedaebok » Wed Oct 02, 2013 10:58 pm

What are good warm-up songs for grades 1-3 (beginners or upper-beginners language level)? I'm looking for general warm-up songs that aren't related to a teaching point (e.g., grammar, vocabulary). I like to start each class with a warm-up song to get the students feeling good & pumped. These are the songs I've been using so far.

Do Ri Ma Fa So (Sound of Music)
Hello how are you (Peter Weatherall)
It's a small world (TOO FAST though)
Counting Chicken Fun
Hip-hop ABC song (Grades 1/2 only)
Animals talk (Grades 1/2)

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