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Post by JMM » Tue Apr 21, 2015 1:27 pm

There is a class that you may be interested in if you have students who are studying English and who are interested in immigrating to an English speaking job market where a LinkedIn profile in English would be helpful. The class is on just that subject--setting up a LinkedIn profile in English. You can find it and a host of other online classes that are free that your students may be interested in following to improve their English language skills at[.]

The LinkedIn profile class started yesterday (Monday, April 20, 2015). It will be five weeks in length.

It is being taught by a Canadian who has, among other things, an ESL background and who now works in Toronto, I believe, helping immigrants to Canada get settled and find work.

I would imagine that the class might cover translating one's skill set--and not just one's profile!--into not just another language i.e. English, as English will not likely be the first language for many in this class, but also into another cultural context. Job skill sets, after all, vary from country to country, just like languages do.

If you have English language learners who are or are not yet proficient in Business English and want a good career persona online, this class may help them get one and may also help them network with peers who are similarly situated.

One advantage of over other MOOCs is that has a private message function. This function can allow your students to reach the instructor privately if they are not yet comfortable speaking in an online classroom in English. It may also facilitate your students making contact with other students in the class in a more private manner than many MOOCs now afford; as most MOOCs, as I have stated, don't have private message options. Therefore, if one wants contact with someone in the class in another forum, one is forced to publish, so to speak, one's email address so that everyone can see it and not limit the sharing of one's contact information to just the recipient of a private message.

I can't vouch for the class quality or for the instructor. I am just happy, as I hope you are as well, that the MOOC world has discovered not just English language learners, but also English language learners who need something practical like a professional online persona.


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