Questions about using Self-Regulated Learning strategies

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Charlie Taylor
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Questions about using Self-Regulated Learning strategies

Post by Charlie Taylor » Fri Feb 12, 2016 11:51 am

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SRL and Self Improvement

Post by sawlor29 » Fri Apr 08, 2016 1:07 am

Hi Charlie,

I think what you are doing is great. I work in Korea and have been trying to implement SRL as well, although it can sometimes be challenging as some adult students feel they are too busy outside the classroom.

Based on my experience with SRL, here are my answers/suggestions to your questions:

1. Do any ESL teachers have experience with using SRL techniques with their students?
Not directly but I do try and combine the concept of SRL with Self Improvement materials to help students guide their own learning.

2. Were they successful?
For me, I had students add some sort of self learning activity to their day. (even just 5-10minutes). Each week we would focus on a particular language development area (reading, listening, writing...). We could then use this as a guide to determine what each student found easy and what they found difficult. From their, we discussed how to improve these areas most efficiently, as well as, how to continue to improve on areas that come more easily to them.

3. Do you have any advice?
My advice is not to push the idea of having students feel like they need to take a lot of time to reflect on how to improve, but to present the idea as something you will work on together using what I mentioned in #2. By having students focus on one area (reading, listening, writing...) at a time, they will naturally see their strengths and weaknesses. I think helping them find materials they want to use on their own will naturally help them think about and direct them towards a SRL approach.

4. Are there any online resources you found helpful in your endeavors?
For me, I would introduce and show students how to use different online English learning material that I think they would be interested in using outside of class. Here is a list of what I have tried: (News articles: for reading and listening)
- (TV clips: for listening and natural English use.....This is my site. I made it after years of using the material on the site for my adult classes. It gives a break from the typical book learning experience) (it's for kids that are already English speakers, but the highest level is quite high...prob newspaper I like to use it with adults too.)

5. And how did you convince your students of the benefits of SRL?
I tell them it's like exercise. You can train at a gym (English Class), but if your diet is terrible (SRL + Regular Self Improvement Activities) you won't get the full benefits. Combined, class time + SRL/Self Improvement, has a synergy effect.

I hope this helps!


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