VOCABULARY - 10 Words = 1hr of Speaking!

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VOCABULARY - 10 Words = 1hr of Speaking!

Post by sawlor29 » Mon Apr 04, 2016 1:09 am

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share a great way of turning vocabulary into a speaking lesson that help students learn new words (and use their current vocabulary) in a MUCH more efficient and engaging way.

Vocabulary Speaking:
1. Whether I use a topic or an article with a main topic, I would make a list of the vocabulary that will be used.

2. I would then create one question for each vocabulary on the word list. (so if I have 10 vocabulary words, I would make 10 questions)

3a. The purpose is to have the students use the vocabulary word in the question and in their answer.

3b. You could also make the list of vocabulary words and have your students come up with their own vocabulary discussion questions.

PURPOSE: Reinforce vocabulary. My students sometimes already know the meaning of all the vocabulary. However, creating questions and giving answers using the vocabulary properly was sometimes not as easy for them.

RESULT: What ended up happening is because there was such a variety of questions to discuss within the vocabulary questions, students were easily able to speak for 1 hour using only 10 questions.

TOTAL TIME: Here is how 10 Questions would take 1hr (you can edit the following to fit any number of vocabulary and any amount of time)

-I have 20 students in my class
-put students in groups of 2
-6 minutes per partner x 10 partners (speed dating style)
-Partner A asks Questions - Partner B answers Questions (then switch)

Total Exposure per Vocabulary Word = 40/word!
(for each word, a student will ask & answer each question (exposure = 2), each student will also listen to their partner ask & answer each question (exposure = 2) (Therefore, students are exposed 4 times per question x 10 partners = 40!)

NOTE: because each partner is new and gives their own personal answer to each questions, this activity keeps students engaged, having fun, improves their fluency and helps them retain the vocabulary!)

(i actually have to stop them from discussing vocab questions in order to have time to do the lesson topic!)

Hope this helps!


PS. I also have a site that creates lessons using English TV shows (1-5 minute clips). Each show has some main topic to it, and I created discussion questions around the topic (and also use the vocabulary speaking questions as mentioned above).....my site is also for English learners in Korea, but the 'TEACHER' page can be used by English teachers in any country.

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