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Linguistics & TESOL South America

Post by Tomsensei » Tue Feb 21, 2017 7:48 pm

Hello, could anybody offer advice or information about masters programs in South America? I am hoping to find a one year course in linguistics (English based) and TESOL. I have been searching online with very few results.
I would like to know if there are any good courses.

Or, is it better to study an online course from a British/American university? I worry this is more expensive even though I wouldn't have classroom time.

Thank you for any ideas.

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Post by Cent » Tue Apr 04, 2017 1:37 am

I have spent most of my time in Colombia but I have traveled about half of South America. I registered at a local university so that I could get a student visa. As far as I know I have not seen any Master's programs that are English based. I know that in Europe it is a requirement to speak English to study for a graduate degree there. There are excellent universities in South America but from what I know and have talked with the locals the curriculum is taught in Spanish. I have met graduate students in Colombia where they only had to take tests to show that they had some proficiency in English. I tutored a science graduate student who only had to show proficiency in the written part of the English proficiency exam. He totally ignored studying the speaking part of the exam because he didn't need it.
If you can speak Spanish fluently then I am sure that you can study English at a graduate level. I have had South Americans tell me that a graduate degree in the U.S. is so valued because of the test (GRE) that one has to take in order to be accepted. I do not think that it is exceptionally difficult to be accepted in a lot of South American universities. One thing you should consider is how valued will the degree be after you get it.
Studying online is definitely doable. If it is an accredited school it should not be a cake walk. They should give you the same amount of school work and maybe a little bit more because there is no class time. If you only want to study one year many universities in the U.S. offer graduate TESOL certificates. This may be something you might want to consider. As far as I know, you will find it difficult to find a year long program in South America and earn a Master's in that short of time.

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